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How to Make Your Own Corset for Under $5

Updated on December 3, 2015
Shapewear for women
Shapewear for women | Source

I Want to Look Hot for This Party

So, you've got this party coming up. In less than a week. You want your body to look its hottest and it's too late for a crash diet and multiple workout sessions. You want a flat belly and perky breasts in five days. What is a girl to do? The obvious answer is to buy yourself the best shapewear a woman can get: a corset.


What Exactly Is a Corset?

Corsets have been around since approximately 200 BC, were worn during the sixteenth century and most popular during the Victorian era. The word comes from the French word meaning "a kind of laced bodice." These undergarments start at or just below the chest and go down to your hips. In modern ones, many types of fabric are used along with either plastic or steel boning and heavy duty clasps to hold everything in. They are worn to shape your figure. Most standard steel-boned corsets will reduce your waist by four to five inches.

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "Where can I get a sturdy corset for under $200?" Nowhere. Expect to pay a minimum of $200 for a standard one. I'm not talking about shapewear, you can find that for under $40. Shapewear doesn't have the same structure.

A DIY Tutorial: Making a Corset Out of Duct Tape and Plastic Wrap

**Just to be clear, this DIY corset is not showy, like most standard corsets. Also, this it lacks the boning that regular ones have. So why am I calling this a corset? Because this project achieves the same goal: it sucks in your waistline and takes off inches of body fat.**

Also, I tested it for about an hour in my living room and found it to be effective, but uncomfortable.

Before picture, with high-waisted shapewear.
Before picture, with high-waisted shapewear.

Step 1: Find a Pair of High-Waisted Underwear

For this project, I used a pair of Spanx-like body shorts with a high waist. You could also use a pair of high-waisted underwear or a pair of leggings with the waist hoisted up.

Put on your shapewear and adjust it so the top of the material is a high as it can be.

Step 2: Get Out the Plastic Wrap

When I first did this experiment, I realized that I needed to compress the skin all the way up to my bra area, in order to smooth over any excess fat and to prevent the skin from rolling. Unroll enough plastic wrap to cover from your waist to the top of the bra line.

After picture: a strapless body shaper made of ducktape!
After picture: a strapless body shaper made of ducktape!

Step 3: Get Out the Duct Tape

Start just below the hips with a roll of duct tape and work your way up the body until you get to the bra line. It works better if you have someone holding the tape, as you turn around in circles, into the duct tape. You can do the taping by yourself too. Just make sure you are making the tape as tight as it can be, but give yourself enough space to breathe.

A Few Modifications

The first time I put the duct tape around me, I noticed my body fat bulged at the top, creating a "spare tire" under my bra. Make sure you tape all the way up to your bra, and you can avoid the bulge.

What would you do to look your best if you had an important event in less than a week?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Oh no no! Please don't anyone do this! This is dangerous, uncomfortable and unnecessary! I wear real corsets (Steel boned, multi layer, strong fabric, made for my body) And nothing beats it. Duct tape is a terrible alternative, if it can even be called that.

    • healthygurl profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      So true! You're funny pink44. Since testing my duck-tape corset theory, I've found good proper shapewear that didn't end up costing me too much.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Not me... for many reasons. First, regular shapewear is hard enough to get out of, and it has pull-on, laced, or clasp closure. Second, what if my shirt comes up and someone sees duct tape? Finally, my mom always told me growing up: always wear clean/nice underwear, socks, and bras - never go anywhere with unshaved legs, and always have a clean body. Not because of the potential date ending in a sleepover - but in case something happens and you need a doctor, emergencies, or death. Kinda extreme to think of but I follow the advice. Can you imagine being rushed to er (or worse) and when doctors are cutting close off - they find a body rapped in duct tape? Super embarrassing for sure. Not to mention, everyone would think you were a drug mule. It would be a funny story to tell for sure, if you can get past the red faced- face palm.


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