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How to make and use your own gauges.

Updated on August 2, 2012

Ear gauging has been around for thousands of years, And is slowly becoming a very common thing to see.

In this article I will tell you how to make your own gauges/tapers. (WARNING!! making your own gauges can be very harmful. It can cause infection if everything is not perfectly sterilized!!!)

The straw should look like this
The straw should look like this


  1. Things you will need!: Assortment of different sized straws. A sharp knife. Pliers. isopropyl alcohol (95%+) Sterile gloves (2-4 pairs depending on how organized and careful you are.) Lubricant (I find that A&D works pretty well. but any sterile lubricant should work.) The smallest rubber bands you can find. scissors (sharp)
  2. Get a Large bowl and put everything in it. EVERYTHING! (except the gloves and the lubricant) Then pour the alcohol into the bowl and let everything soak for 15 minutes. This should give the alcohol enough time to sterilize the tools and straws / pens.
  3. If you are planning on making a taper Put on your gloves and remove the scissors and the straws you are planning on using.
  4. use the scissors to cut diagnally from the bottom of one end of the straw towards the middle of the straw. (Dont cut al the way to the middle, an inch towards it should be good.

You have your taper! The best thing to do before you begin to gauge is take a hot shower. This will make your skin slightly less resistant to stretching, Its also good to rub your ear lobes for 5 minutes or so to loosen it up a bit.

Get a sizeable ammount of A&D (or whatever ointment your using) On the end of your home made taper, enough to cover the entire end and then some.

Before you start gauging make sure that the tip of your home made taper will fit all the the way into your piercing. There are two ways that you can gauge your ears. you can do it fast, this will cause more damage less pain, or you can do it slow, and cause less damage and more pain. Its really your choice but i would go with the second one.

I would not recommend making or using your own gauges, as this potentially dangerous, it cause infection and increased damage to the piercing a store bought gauge would. below are some links for some great deals on gauges and tapers!!!!!


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