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How to preserve shoes

Updated on May 21, 2013

To keep your shoes in good condition and increase their "service lifetime" is important to have some basic care and follow some advice.

One of the mistakes almost everyone makes is to put the shoes to dry in the sun. Never expose your shoes in direct sunlight, or put them to dry in an oven or near the fire. This will lead to a "violent" drying that can harden the shoe and even cause cracks or distortions of the format. In addition, the soles and insoles can take off, shrink and / or suffer irreversible deformations. The drying of the shoes should be done in a natural shade and a cool place.

Tips for cleaning footwear:

- You should clean your shoes often using a damp cloth. You will have your shoes always clean and ready to use.

- If for some reason you haves muddy shoes, you should do a deep clean once you get home. Remove excess mud and then pass a damp cloth.

how to preserve shoes
how to preserve shoes

- Periodically, you should remove the insoles and do a wash thoroughly. You should also ventilate the shoes periodically with the insoles removed.

- Always wash your shoes by hand and with water at room temperature. Avoid washing the shoes in the machine and hot water. Avoid leaving the shoes sauce.

Besides all this, you can still use products suitable for every type of footwear in order to maintain its good appearance and increase its durability.

For example, to leather shohere es tare ointments that keep the shoes well preserved, and also shine and soften the leather breaks. For the winter time and rainy days, there are waterproofing products that when applied will protect the shoes from water, oils and other liquids.

There are still renovating products, which give a "new life" to the footwear worn by renewing their original color and texture.

By following these tips will keep your shoes in good condition for much longer and make some savings.


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