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How to prevent ingrown hairs

Updated on October 16, 2010

Ingrown hairs suck!

Ingrown hairs are painful, they look awful, and they can cause scarring. No matter where you get them on your face or body, you just want to get rid of them and prevent them from ever appearing again.

Ingrown hairs happen when the hair strand gets trapped inside the follicle and grows within it instead of outside the skin. That's the technical stuff, but I'm going to show you how you can prevent this from happening and also do something about the ingrown hairs you already have.

The first thing we are going to do is prevent the pores from closing up. The one thing you should avoid putting on your skin unless absolutely necessary is any product containing alcohol. A lot of skin products have this, and it will not only dry out your skin but also close up your pores. That means more zits and more ingrown hairs.

Open your pores

There are a ton of products out there that will help you deal with an ingrown hair problem, but you can ignore all the marketing crap and just buy a product with salicylic acid. It not only moisturizes, but also cleans the pores and causes them to open.It exfoliates the skin, which is a medical term for removing the top layer of dead skin that can close pours and trap hairs.

Products to avoid: foam shaving creams. A lot of these creams will dry out your skin. They also make special shaving creams for sensitive skin that you should look into. You want something with lubricating agents.

Preventing ingrown hairs when you have a beard

If you do have a beard, it can be kind of hard to treat the skin on your face. What you can do is use one of those hair brushes with the really soft bristles. Apply a liquid cleanser to your beard and brush your beard using circular motions. This should help remove some of the dead skins and oils trapped on the top layer of your face.

Change your shaving technique

One of the major causes of ingrown hair is improper shaving. If you are pulling the skin when you shave to get the razor closer to the skin, you are increasing the chances of getting an ingrown hair. When you cut the hair that short it sometimes gets caught on the opening of the pore and starts growing sideways into the skin.

Not shaving so close might give you that 5 o' clock shadow, but that look is in style anyway.

Treating an ingrown hair with a tweezer

If you do have an ingrown hair you can take tweezer and try to pull it out of the pore. Don't pluck the hair out, because the hair that grows in its place will probably get trapped in the pore as well.


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  • Andrew Goodfella profile image

    Andrew Goodfella 6 years ago from Auckland

    Shaving with one of those multi blades as in your picture isn't going to help. You need to try a de razor. Take a look at my hubs.