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How to Make Hair Grow: Tips for Growing Strong Long Locks

Updated on June 7, 2013

How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer

For any person who has decided to grow hair longer it is understandable how difficult it can be. Patience is key if you hope to sustain beautifully lustrous hair that will withstand the effects of every day life without snapping. While there is no single way to make your hair grow faster, there are things you can do to help promote hair growth.

It is not possible to make your hair grow overnight. If you have had a bad haircut incident or something alike and have been left with short hair that made you cry when you saw it, (I've been there!) you will obviously be looking for a quick fix. Well forget that idea.

The only quick fix that will give the illusion of more hair at this stage would be to invest in hair extensions, which I would not recommend. Hair extensions can cause strain and damage to your hair whether you choose to clip them in or glue. This can produce effects on the growth of your hair, slowing down the process. Additionally, it is extremely unattractive to see a person with ridiculously long hair and short spikes poking out of the top where the extensions begin and your hair stops. Embrace your short hair and move with it as it gradually grows.

One of the main areas to concentrate on if you are growing your hair and want it to maintain its condition is your diet. A diet should consist of all the nutrients your body needs. Drink plenty of water and focus on foods with fatty acids. These type of food play a key role in skin, hair and nail growth.

Eat the following foods for fast hair growth:

  • Salmon
  • Mackerel
  • Tuna
  • Other oily and fatty fish
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Fresh fruits & vegetables (especially citrus)
  • Potatoes (provide vitamin B-6)
  • Bananas (provide vitamin B-6)
  • Spinach (provide vitamin B-6)
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Soya Products

These are just some of the foods necessary for a balanced diet. When eaten regularly, they will have a positive effect on your hair growth and its condition. Try to include your 5 fruit and vegetables daily and drink up to 8 litres of water to stay hydrated. This is important.

Aside from diet, keep the hair you already have well taken care of. Ensure you take frequent visits to the hairdresser for trims and regular cuts. This may put you off as you feel the need to steer clear of getting your hair cut, but without this your hair will generate split ends and snap over time. This then results in bad condition locks that will continue to worsen in condition and fray, resulting in a short uneven 'do'!

When you wash your hair, be sure to massage your scalp as you do so. This stimulates blood flow and promotes hair growth considerably. However, do not wash your hair every day as this strips it of natural oils that are necessary for health, strength and shine.

Try to lay off heat products such as hair straighteners or hair dryers, and invest in a good quality brush. It is good to brush your hair regularly but if this is done so with a bad quality brush, you can risk snapping hair and weakening it. Allow your hair to dry naturally after washing it and do not brush when wet, as it can be weaker when damp.

Relax. This is key. High stress levels are a common cause of reversible hair loss. Try to stay calm and go with the flow. By doing this you will be able to remain patient and achieve the results you want. Massage your scalp before bedtime by tipping your head upside down. This stimulates more blood flow and is great for growing hair.

By following these basic tips not only will you have a beautiful mane that will make others envy you and want to know your secret, but you will be happier and healthier overall!


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