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How to properly care for your skin

Updated on February 13, 2016

Our skin will look fine, if we eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle, move more and to treat everything with a positive, but the skin requires more care and certain, especially today, when we live in the atmosphere of the big cities. The devastating effects on the skin are not limited to the exhaust gases and chlorinated water: there are more and household chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, stress and many other adverse factors.

If you do not properly care for your skin, it will not look very good, even if you try to keep a healthy lifestyle and do not have bad habits.

The skin should always be clean - it is not even being discussed, or about beauty and health can not be considered. Dust, sebum, dead skin flakes - all this pollutes the skin leads to problems and diseases.

Our environment is constantly changing, and it largely depends on the climate. When the temperature and humidity is normal, the skin feels good, but the hot and dry air combined with the hot sun is harmful to the skin - it causes early appearance of wrinkles. The cold wind and frost make the skin rough, she blushes - and this is also the way to premature aging.

If the wrong wash and succumb to the effects of stress, even healthy skin may undergo adverse changes.

It is much easier to prevent these changes than to fight them. Skin care depends on its type and condition: the skin may be dry, normal, combination, oily, or aging, sagging.

Of course, most of all luck to those, who have normal skin - dull, elasticity. This skin usually always smooth and pinkish, pores on it can not be seen, it is a beautiful and healthy. However, care needs, any skin.

Perhaps we have forgotten about it, but the most important tool for skin care - is ordinary water. That water, if it meets all the requirements, maintains the health and beauty of our skin.

When we wash, we clean the skin of dirt, grease, excretions and microorganisms that fall on it from the outside. When washing your face with warm or cool water improves blood circulation in the skin, it begins to breathe better and takes nutrients.

Wash should be only a clean, soft water, without impurities and harmful salts. It is best distilled water or natural mineral, but you can use the river water - it is only necessary to boil.

If you use for washing hard water, the skin will become dry and irritated, you may see a white plaque and peeling, as calcium and magnesium salts, when combined with means for washing become insoluble.

Before a wash, water, it should be boiled for a long time - about an hour, and then to assert that salt could settle. Water will become less rigid, if you add to it a teaspoon of baking soda. Do not wash neither too hot nor too cold water.

If a long time to wash with hot water, the blood vessels dilate, and remain in this state; Leather fades, becomes sensitive to cold and flabby. If you always use cold water, the skin dries, it loses its vitality, degreased and flaky. Ideal - wash with water at room temperature.


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