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Everyday Makeup - In ten minutes

Updated on May 29, 2013

Morning routine

Everyone want to look pretty and fresh everyday. Of course, it's not always easy to get up early in the morning just to make sure that we will look good that day. It's not an exception if you decide to spend few more minutes in bed instead of doing your make up routine.

Good look usually means that you have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. But as we know, not most of us will not sacrifice to sleep a few minutes more instead of spending that time trying to look better.

I don't know if you are aware that you can look great in just five to ten minutes.

Use as little base as possible, and start from the nose
Use as little base as possible, and start from the nose | Source

Make up base

If you know anything about applying the make up, you know how important is to choose the right make up base. When you are buying the base, you should try it on. The best way to choose correct base is if you try it on your neck. If the color fits with the color of your neck, that's the best base for you.

If you have the right base, putting it on should not take more than a minute. You should start applying it to your nose, and than spread it on your cheeks and forehead. A few strokes and you're done.

Of course, this is the most important step when applying the make up, and should be done correctly, but with the right product, you can do it in less then a minute.

You can use stick or licquide concealer, principle is the same
You can use stick or licquide concealer, principle is the same | Source

The best concealer

If you want to use the best concealer for your skin colour, you should use one that is one or two shades brighter than the actual colour of your skin. Most of people would use concealer on the dark circles and that's it. But you should apply it there, and on your eyelids, too.

After applying, it will start to fall into the fine lines all around your eyes. You should wait for that to happen and than spread it a little bit. This way, it will look uniformly, and will not make you look older.

Also, if you want to cover some small imperfections on your skin with concealer, you should put a very little colour on it and then tap it gently.



We are talking about daily makeup, so you don't want to go around with a lot of blush on your cheeks. But if you don't apply any of it, the whole your face will be in the same colour, and that's just boring.

You should use blush, and you should use the colour that's right for you. For example, colour of my skin is very, very pale, and I have to use blushes that are light pink or light orange. You should use red blushes only if you have very dark skin, because light blush will not be visible on your face, and the red one looks very good on dark or tanned skin.

I don't prefer using the brown blushes, because my opinion is that they are old fashioned, and it can only makes you look older. But if you are tanned, you should use shimmering bronzing powder to highlight that.

This is the look that we are trying to achieve
This is the look that we are trying to achieve | Source

Eyes makeup

Ok, this is the hard one. If you want to put the perfect make up on your eyes, you will never be ready in just few minutes. So you shouldn't do it like you are used to.

Instead of putting the eyeshadow on, you should just use the brush that you used to put the blush on and gently crros over your eyeleds with it. This will put a little colour on them, and if you have already put some concueler on, it will make a great contrast.

To make it look even better, you should use some black eye pencil next to your lower eyelides, and put one or two layers of mascara. If you are blond or have a very bright skin, you should consider using the brown mascara during the day.



You shouldn't use striking lipstick during the day. It's much better if you use something that is similar to the natural colour of your lips.

I recommend you to always use the lip liner, and to choose one that is one shadow brighter than your lips. You should start from the middle of your upper lip and carefully apply it on your lips. Add a few little lines that goes from the edges of your lips to the middle.

At the end, just put some lipstick or lip gloss, and you are ready to go.

What about you?

How much time do you spend to put make up every morning?

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So, how much time do I really need?

To put a base and concealer, you will need about two minutes.

To apply blush on cheeks and eyes, you will spend 30 seconds.

To add some mascara and kohl, you will need one additional minute.

And finally, you will do your lips in less than a minute.

If you are perfectionist, you will probably use a few more minutes just to make sure that everything looks perfect. But if you just want to look nice and don't want to spend a lifetime in front of the mirror, you will be done in four to five minutes.


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