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How to remove fake tan

Updated on September 20, 2014

How to remove fake tan

The Removal of your fake tan.

I decided to write this article on how to remove fake tan as sometime ago now i was constantly looking on Google for ways to remove mine, and there isn't one sane article out there, mostly these being ridiculous, crazy ideas about putting the most disgusting things on your body, scrubbing your skin red raw to remove that fake tan, to even acidic products which is clearly very harmful to your skin, and leaves you smelling rather unpleasant How do i know? because i have tried them to remove that fake tan gone wrong, so i’m not going to lie to you and start some future “old wives tale” about how we can take an apple peel soak it in vinegar apply it to a wire brush and scrape the tan off, the best and most successful way to remove fake tan girls is through products with the right ingredients that have been tried and tested and actually work with NO HARM to our precious silky smooth skin :D well ‘ish in my case if you don't believe me after you're done here go look at how some people use bleach and kitchen cleaners as a solution to remove the fake tan. Mmmmm No thanks id rather not end up with bleach burns or a fact id rather have a streaky fake tan!

We all know how bad it looks when we are left with fake tan staining our hands, or we applied it wrong, maybe we are testing out a new product, even left with horrible looking streaks, maybe we applied far too much in our quest for an even natural looking self tan. When i first started i was a clone of Jodie Marsh (no offence to Jodie i actually think she is lovely)

*OK i here you shouting “i have an emergency” here's a few quick fix tips to sort that fake tan but don’t expect great results, just if you have come to this page and need something for NOW!!

Lemon: apply some lemon juice to a cotton pad and massage into your skin this will lift a small amount but no way near as much as St Tropez fake tan removal, you can also use a wedge of lemon and massage into your skin this may help slightly

Baking soda and a little water: Again dab a cotton bud in the solution and gently massage and lift excess tan off, this still does not help much but its worth a try in an emergency! *

When i first started using fake tan, i used to make an awful mess of myself, and its rather embarrassing. I personally swear by St Tropez self tan removal now, all products of its range and this is where the self fake\spray tan removal comes in I've found tested and swear by St Tropez’s tan removal products . I have also tried a couple of the other tan removals The worlds first cloth tan remover , but for the sake of time i'm just going to talk about St Tropez today.

I now refuse to coat myself in lemon, vinegar or anything of that effect or do damage to my skin by using 3rd rate products and domestic products to remove fake tan. I strongly advise you do the same!

So anyway i thought i’d try to answer the question we all ask sensibly How do i remove fake tan? with a review of a product i have tried and tested and so have hundreds of others, most of us don't even realize that there are a couple of brilliant self tan removal products out there but yes they do exist and do work.

No first time fake tanner should be without St Tropez tan removal or another product to its effect, it works for up to 4 hours after the fake tan application has been added and is perfect for removing tan from the palms and other dry areas, fake tan seems to stain your hands due to the deep contours that are in your hands and obviously because you use your hands to apply, *another good tip girls is wear gloves although i personally don't like to as applying fake tan seems a lot harder with gloves on* It says it works for 4 hours after application but i personally have used this longer than 4 hours after applying fake tan and have had amazing results. Also thanks to the exfoliating texture and cleansing ingredients in the St Tropez fake tan removal product you can remove all the fake tan stains and residue from your palms and streaky areas, as a bonus you will also notice the soft smooth moisturized feeling afterwards not achieved by rubbing vinegar on yourself!!

So girls if you want a real product that works and isn't going to irritate your skin or make you smell of NASTY then be certain to make this or one of the earlier products i briefly mentioned a MUST HAVE product before you apply that fake tan and never go out with dirty streaks everywhere EVER again!

You honestly wouldn't believe how many of my friends are actually surprised that these products are available, they are always asking how have you never got any on your hands or streaks? There also always stealing it from me as well which is not good, so be sure to hide it somewhere safe!!

Now i know a lot of you may feel that St Tropez isn't the cheapest out there when buying from a high st store and i totally agree, but online shopping these days is the way forward you really can find those products that are too expensive to buy in shops, and you can find them online for HALF the price!!

Thanks for reading guys and i hope you like my advice, let me know what you think when you have tried it, or if you know of any other miracle beauty products. After all we have to stick together in our battle for beauty. Oh and seriously i DO NOT advise any household product on your skin....really guys and girls its not good.....


How to remove fake tan video

How to remove Fake tan video

Which of the tan removal products do you prefer?

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    • SolveMyMaze profile image


      4 years ago

      Great Hub. I've tried fake tan once or twice over a sunbed and let's just say that the first time trying to get it off wasn't the easiest. Although it seemed to attach to my clothes but didn't want to come off my skin.

      I would totally agree that St Tropez tan removal is the best possible solution to get rid of the fake tan. I've seen the effects of home made tan removal and it's terrifying that people would try it.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for the info, if you don't want use gloves use 2 old pairs of socks preferably fluffy socks as one of the pairs, that way it isn't harsh on your skin and for me always come out lovely! Sometimes stains finger tips but easily taken off!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It's a very interesting product. Regarding Ali Shaw's comment, Gasoline works too. The reviews isn't about something that works all the time but something that is working SAFELY all the time. I've use other products that have clearly damaged my skin. I want something that nourishes my skin as well as removing the make-up every time.

    • JasminRace profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      I suppose it's all a matter of opinion, I've never heard of tan off, there are many ways to remove fake tan, Its finding what works best for you. Thanks for your comments on my how to remove fake tan blog

    • profile image

      Ali Shaw 

      8 years ago

      I am a regular tanner and I do not think that St Tropez removal works! There is a product called Tan off that is a mitt, it is so brilliant!!! only AUS$25 works every time!

    • steverace1983 profile image


      8 years ago

      Jodie marsh is a babe!! lol


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