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How to shape your eyebrows with an eyebrow stencil

Updated on February 13, 2013

Most women want the perfect eyebrow shape - and plenty of us are a little unsure about to to achieve the best shape. That where an eyebrow stencil comes in. If you don't want to or can't afford to have yours done by a professional, you can purchase stencils in a variety of shapes and sizes that give you something to work from.

They're incredibly easy to use and the results are surprisingly good. I've even known the odd beauty professional make use of them on some of their clients so there's something to be said for using them at home.

All you need to do is buy the stencils that match to your natural brow line - or as close as. Then take the stencil, fit it over your brow, dust a powder or use an eyebrow pencil to darken the area you're keeping - plucking out anything that's beyond the outline. Easy! The five best eyebrow stencils are featured below - just make sure you choose the best 'fit' for your brow-line and simply follow the instructions!

Eyebrowz Stencils to Darken and Shape with Wallet

These are the best selling eyebrow stencils - a kit that includes five different reusable eyebrow shapes. It's a great little kit - plenty of choice, clear instructions and a fool-proof method of achieving the perfect eyebrows.

You will need either a powder - a light face powder or even a highlighter eyeshadow will do the trick, or use a light (white eye pencil) or dark eyebrow pencil and shade in the area exposed by the stencil. Then you simply pluck out what's not covered with powder or coated with the pencil.

The five shapes are all classic and range from mid-length to long - in all an affordable solution to finding the best eyebrow shape.

Fran Wilson Instant Brows Arched

Another of the best eyebrow stencils - similar to the first product, a set of five different eyebrow shapes designed to create a base from which you can work. Reusable as before - easily cleaned and can be used again and again.

Most women find that once they've mastered the art, found the perfect brow shape for their eyes and face, they no longer need to keep using the stencils.

This set of stencils are all quite arched, which is not for everyone so if you want something a little more classic - the first one is the better choice.

Christian Eyebrow Makeup Kit Eyebrow Makeup

This is a great eyebrow stencils kit - it includes the stencils, one pot of eyebrow powder and an applicator brush. You can choose from a range of ten different colors - from black through to browns and lighter shades for those with blond hair.

The powder can be used in two ways - to help you create the original shape with the stencils and afterward used as you would an eyebrow pencil.

The powder is great from adding definition and/or covering flaws in your brow line - and it stays in place once applied. Great kit, highly rated for perfect brows.

Editor's Picks Beautiful Brows 5 Piece Kit

This is one of those eyebrow stencil kits that has everything you'll need to help you create a perfect eyebrow shape with total ease. Over and above the stencils you also get a collection of three pressed colors that you can use for adding depth and defining - great for light, medium or dark hair.

Then there's the brow conditioner, a gel that helps set the eyebrows and keep them perfect the whole day, plus a double ended eyebrow pencil - color on one end, a brow brush on the other. To finish off you get a concealer pencil that works under eye or anywhere that you have a blemish or imperfection to hide. Everything you'll ever need - in one affordable well put together eyebrow kit.

Anastasia Brow Ex-Press Brow Palette 1 kit

Loved by women everywhere that want the Hollywood eyebrows of the rich and famous - this is the Anastasia eyebrows kit. It's similar to the previous product in that it comes packed with a range of eyebrow makeup that will help you create the perfect brows at home.

You get a set of four eyebrow stencils and two pressed powders that you use to both define the brow and (of course) cover the stenciled area with prior to shaping. You also get a highlighter cream for the brow line, one brow brush and a wax to set your eyebrows once you're finished.

A nice little set, all kept in a compact case - great if you want Hollywood eyebrows but, for the money, the Editor's Picks set is just as good and costs 25 dollars less.

One idea of how to use an eyebrow stencil

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