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How to stop hair dye from bleeding into other colours

Updated on April 23, 2012

How to stop the bleeding!

The truth is there is no way to stop hair dye from bleeding. The hair dye will bleed out no matter what until it runs its course. Semi permanent colours bleed the most from my personal experience and they for a long period of time. However there are ways to slow the bleeding down and to stop it from bleeding into other colours causing disaster.

Useful tips

Here are a few tips that can be useful to stop hair from bleeding into other colours.

When you wash your hair separate the colours. When doing this wash the colours one by one when you get to conditioning the first section of your hair be sure to leave the conditioner in until you are done shampooing the other colours. The conditioner makes a shield on the other colours to prevent them from soaking in. If you have multiple colours in different sections of your hair, do the same wash them separately but make sure to leave the conditioner in. When you to to wash the conditioner out you can wash your hair all at once but it would be best to do it separately. This process sounds annoying but it really does help the colours from bleeding into one another. Be sure to use cold to cool water while washing your hair. Remember the hotter the water the more your hair colour will bleed.

Use a colour shield in your hair to prevent the colour loss, you can also use colour shield shampoos and conditioners, it is still recommended that you separate those colours!

How to get the colour to stay longer

Wash your hair less often, washing your hair is washing the colour out. If you're afraid of your hair getting to greasy use a dry shampoo that will make your hair feel soft and look shiny. When you do wash your hair use shampoos and conditioners that are made specifically for coloured hair. Finally after washing your hair with cold or cool water use a colour shield spray that will hold the colour in longer.

Doing any or all of these will help definitely help your hair colours from bleeding into one another. Personally, I find the best way to prevent colours from bleeding is to separate the colours from one another while washing your hair in cool or cold water with colour shield products.


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