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How to straighten your hair at home?

Updated on August 9, 2012

Hair straightening is in fashion these days. If you notice there are a number of products in market for it. The iron straighteners are the best way to straighten your hair. If your hair is thick and in good condition any hair straightener would do. If your hair is light or not in good condition using hair straighteners would further deteriorate the condition of your hair. Hair straighteners with metal plates are cheaper but not good for hair. You should only use a ceramic plate hair straightener, but these are expensive. Well, if you do not want to invest in these expensive products but still want to have straight hairs you can do so by following these easy methods. You will not need any styling gel or hair straightening creams just with some common products from your kitchen.

The methods below might take some time before you get the perfect straight hairs so you have to be patient.

· Mash papaya and bananas and add a little honey to it. Apply the mixture on your hair. Make sure that the entire hair is covered with the mixture. Leave it for 30-60 minutes until it dries up. Wash it with cold water and towel-dry your hair.

· Mix one cup of milk and few drops of honey. Mash some strawberries in the mixture. Apply this mixture to your hair and cover your hair with a towel for about two hours. Wash it with water and mild shampoo and blow dry your hair.

· To one cup of coconut milk, add juice of 1 lemon in it. Mix the content thoroughly and refrigerate it. This mixture will become creamy after refrigeration. Apply this creamy mixture to your hair. Make sure that each strand is covered with the mixture. Cover your hair with towel for about an hour. Wash your hair normally with a mild shampoo.

Besides the above mentioned methods using hot oil massage also helps in straightening of the hair. Vinegar is a natural hair straightener. After washing your hairs pour few drops of vinegar in a mug of water and wash your hair with it. Straight hairs give an elegant look to your face. Do try these methods two to three times a week to straighten your hair without use of any harmful chemicals or high heat which damages your hair.


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      Sweet Snazzy 4 years ago

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