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How to effectively break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend

Updated on January 31, 2011

There are a few things I recommend for this process, now this is concentrated for the people that are BREAKING up with their boyfriends or girlfriends BUT it might also help you if you just have had finished a relationship and you are kind of confused on what is happening now. 

Now first of all be completely sure you are cutting the cord, because sometimes we get angry and we act out of anger and well you always make the wrong decision while acting out of anger so if you decide to end it today, wait a couple of days and think it over. If you are still thinking the same way then proceed. 

Now you might be shitting your pants before you do it and well its normal just relax and take it easy, everything IS going to be OK. Now you might fear regret, if you do DO NOT just decide to stay on the relationship because of this, believe me things will get much worst and it is better if you end it now. 

NOTE: For telling her you are ending it, don't be a dick/bitch, and don't invite them to the movies for a last quickie and then end it, that is just wrong.

Now I am going to tell you EXACTLY how everything is going to happen, there are two possible ways:

  1. He/she takes it totally cool they tell you they were kind of expecting it, they might cry a little because, well, it is inevitable. They will tell you that you might stay as friends and that you are pretty cool and he/she enjoyed the relationship and thank you for the good moments.
  2. She/he will explode in anger and denial. They will insult your decision and they will ask for explanations for everything you say. Try not to push them because they might even end up insulting you, if they do just hang up let them cool down they will call apologizing later.

Even thought it might go both ways, it will conclude in the same way. You are going to be separated.

Now for post-separation advices, I recommend the flowing: 

  • Cut the relationship completely, at least for a while. Believe me keeping in touch after the breakup will only bring awkwardness and anger. Through time things will change and then it will be different, after that you can bring the communication back.
  • If you feel regret, don't do any stupid mistakes, don't talk to him/her and tell them that you are sorry and for the love of god, DO NOT go back to him/her, just don't, please take my advice on this.
  • Give yourself some time, it will heal you will get chicks/dicks after some time, you are going to live through this.
All right that is all I have to say about that, I hope this helped, have a nice breakup.
PS: Any other advice, leave it on a comment :D 


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