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Skin Tones are You Warm or Cool?

Updated on June 17, 2014
different skin tones
different skin tones

Skin Tones

Finding out your skin tone can help you determine the very best colors to wear. This could help you find the perfect eye shadow combinations to make your eyes stand out or the perfect color top that makes you look good no matter what. Knowing your skin tone can even help you choose a new hair color or even determine if you look better in gold or silver jewelry. There are three categories of skin tones warm, cool and neutral.

Warm vs Cool
Warm vs Cool | Source

Find Out if You Are Warm, Cool or Neutral

Vein Test

There are a few ways to tell if you are warm or cool one the simplest way to tell is to take a look at the veins on your wrist. If they are green then you are warm toned. If they look more blue then you are cool toned. If you cannot tell or there is an even mix then you may be neutral toned.

What eye color can tell you

Eye color can often help you determine whether you are warm or cool. Warm toned skin eye colors are usually Hazel, dark brown, green or amber. Cool toned skin eye colors are usually all variations of blues, grey, black and bluish greens.

What hair color can tell you

Hair color can be another clue. Warm toned people tend to be warm also with hair colors like gold or or red or have red or golden hues and highlights.Cool tones usually have darker hair colors or colors with blue and violet undertones.

The paper test

The paper test is another great way to tell. You need a piece of paper and good lighting. Hold the piece of paper up to your face. Now observe the colors and undertones you see. Warm skin has tones like yellow gold, yellow and peach. Cool skin has undertones like pink and blue.

Talking to a professional

If you are still having trouble try asking someone at a makeup counter or a even a hairstylist. They have experience in determining skin tones and hues and are usually happy to help.

Neutral skin tones

If you have neutral skin tones then you will have a mixture of both undertones. This gives you more color options. If you have neutral skin tone try finding colors that go well with your eyes. Most neutral skin toned people lean a little to the warm side so autumn colors are a good place to start.

The ocean color palette
The ocean color palette | Source

Cool Skin Tones Best Colors

The very best colors for cool tones to wear are bright, cool and dark. Deep pinks, true reds and icy blues or a turquoise look beautiful. when picking out colors think of the ocean or winter. When it comes to makeup think pink colors for lips and silvers and cool browns for eyes. Blues always look great.

Autumn  inspired color palette
Autumn inspired color palette | Source

Warm Skin Tones Best Colors

Think of warm colors like gold, yellow, red or colors with these undertones. I really like rusty copper colors. Think of autumn colors when choosing clothes and accessories. With make up earth tones look great. Find the right earthy colors that really bring out your eyes.

Warm spring colors
Warm spring colors | Source

Best Colors For Neutral Skin

For neutral skin tones you can go either way. It depends more on your eye and hair color. Most neutrals lean more towards warm so warm colors are always a great place to start. When looking for the right colors try finding shades that make your skin have a healthy looking glow. When choosing eye makeup also look for colors that make your skin look healthy but also choose eye shadows that compliment your eyes. For the lips stick with colors close to your natural color maybe one or two shades off.

Gold vs Silver
Gold vs Silver | Source

Jewelry Gold or Silver

Gold jewelry looks the best on warm and neutral skin tones. This color coordinates well with the natural undertones in the skin. Silver Jewelry looks best on neutral and cool skin tones. Silver looks great with the blue and pink hues of cool skin.

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    • profile image

      Boeckel 4 years ago

      I really enjoy reading your articles. They are so interesting. Thank you.

    • Shiley profile image

      Karen Shiley 4 years ago from Washington

      I found your article very informative. I think I have cool toned skin.