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How To Tie A Sarong - The Basics

Updated on February 27, 2015

Let's face it, the sarong can be a confusing item. It's a large, over sized rectangle without any holes, buttons, zippers, or ties; what exactly are we to do with it? How does one actually put it on? Let's go through the basics.

The tie front is the simplest way to wear a sarong. Place your hands on each end of the fabric at the top holding it behind you with the material centered at the small of your back. Grab the ends of the sarong, wrapping the fabric around your waist toward your front until your hands meet just below your navel. The tie the two ends of material into a double knot. You're done! The knot can stay centered or be rotated to either side, leaving it rest on your hip. Adjusting the length is as simple as folding the sarong to the desired length before you tie.

For more coverage, a sarong can be worn as a dress. To tie, hold the sarong behind you with the top of the material just below your shoulder. Wrap the fabric under your arms bringing material over your breasts. Secure the dress with a high double knot on top of your breast right in the middle. Often, this style is referred to the "bubble tie" since the ends of the sarong can be positioned to hide the knot that holds up the dress looking like a bubble.

Another popular way to wear a sarong is as a dress but with a pretty twist at the neckline. As before the fabric will wrap from your back and under the arms but then twist the ends one on top of the other twice. Once the twist is tight, wrap one end of the fabric over your left shoulder and the other over your right securing them behind your neck with a double knot. This style offers the most coverage and can often be seen worn other places than the beach.

Although the sarong can be a bit intimating at first, once you start wearing one and feel more comfortable you'll soon realize if offers so much more versatility than your average top or skirt. Usually priced under $50 it's the perfect addition for any woman's wardrobe and offers value for your money.

How to Wear A Sarong - The Basics

Sarong worn tied at waist.
Sarong worn tied at waist.
Sarong worn in "bubble tie" dress.
Sarong worn in "bubble tie" dress.
Sarong worn as a dress with twisted neckline.
Sarong worn as a dress with twisted neckline.


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