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How to wear Thai Fisherman Pants

Updated on October 3, 2011

One of the many styles of Fisherman pants


An introduction to Thai Wrap pants

Thai Wrap fisherman’s pants have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. They have been the traditional clothing of Thai Fisherman because of the fact that they dry out in the Thai sun in a matter of minutes due to their light materials and loose baggy fit.

Today there are many variations on the Thai Fisherman pants theme in terms of style, but they all have a number of things in common; they will fit almost anyone, (one size really does fit all), and that they are probably the most comfortable trousers/pants that you will ever wear.

Because of the comfort value and the fact that you can fit them "to you," each time you put them on, it makes them the perfect clothing item for; Martial arts, Yoga wear, general exercise aerobics etc. They are also the ideal choice for nightwear, maternity, new mums, and post operation comfort wear. And they are truly unisex.

Many people when they first start wearing fishermans pants tend to struggle with getting the correct length or fit, although it is realy very easy....

Hopefully my wearers Guide below should point you in the right direction...

As a new addirion to this Hub I have added a video Guide. Please scroll down to View....

My Video Guide to Thai Pants.

Finding Thai fisherman pants

Although Fishermans pants are becoming more popular in the world market they can be hard to find outside of Thailand, and they are certainly something you are unlikely to find in your local high street.

The best places to look would be on ebay or amazon, or you can buy them directly from Thailand at: where there are many colours, lengths,styles available.

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