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How to wear - one dress, many ways!

Updated on June 3, 2013
Use statement jewellery
Use statement jewellery | Source

Choose your dress

To demonstrate the variety of combinations and expressions that you can create with just one dress, I have chosen an 'LBD' (little black dress). A black dress will always look trendy, and if combined with other garments or accessories, you can look glam and party-ready or fit for a day out with friends. The recession has made most of us aware of spending and with these tips, there is actually no need for splashing out on a new expensive dress! The points below will show the variety of looks that can be created just by using your accessories creatively. Dress it up or dress it down instantly with the points below.

Dress it up - with a suit jacket and a belt
Dress it up - with a suit jacket and a belt | Source

Dress it up

First impressions count and if you are looking for the wow-factor, then use your LBD to the max. If you have been invited to a few formal occasions, just follow these tips and your friends will never notice that you wore the same dress twice (or more)!

Keep these tips handy and whenever you need a quick fix - they are easy to refer back to.

  • The dependable suit jacket
    wear it for your next interview, appraisal or salary review!
  • Eye-catching necklaces, bracelets, earrings
    vary your look completely by adding a one-off necklace or why not wear matching accessories
  • Nip it in with a belt
    show what you've got by drawing attention to your waist with a belt
  • Turn up the volume with high heels
    add an inch or two of confidence with high heels - own the ground you walk on!
  • Opaque, sheer or embroidered/lacy - vary the look with different tights
    cold? go opaque, warm(ish)? go sheer, cocktail party? go embroidered/lacy
  • A stylish broche can highlight your dress
    try being minimalist - just by adding a broche you can change your whole look
  • Add colour with a scarf
    let your look change with the seasons! Colourful and flowery scarves for Spring and Summer, and fuller colours such as navy in Autumn and Winter
  • Go classic or crazy by using different nail polish
    choose a classic red or go 'ombre' with different nail polish trends

Taking your dress for a day out? Try denim and a cross-body bag
Taking your dress for a day out? Try denim and a cross-body bag | Source
Go edgy with leather and statement jewellery
Go edgy with leather and statement jewellery | Source

Dress it down

Your LBD will be perfect for any informal event by using accessories that you have at home. Have a look through your closet and recall what you wear when you feel comfortable - if you prefer wearing track suit bottoms, perhaps you should wear your dress together with leggings - or if you feel at your best in a jumper then drape it over your dress to create a skirt! The options are endless. Please note my tips below for the dress down option:

  • Go grungy with a jeans jacket
    denim never seems to go out of fashion - so step out in your J.J!
  • Tuffen up with a leather jacket
    leather can make all the difference if you are used to girly outfits
  • Ready-for-school look with a cross-body bag
    you can easily get street-smart cred just by varying your bag
  • Wear boots for instant festival chique
    going to a festival this Summer? Wear your LBD with some wellies!
  • Vary your casual look with a cardigan
    black, floral or flourescent yellow/long or short? Cardi variations are plentifull
  • Doing cartwheels outside? wear leggings!
    keep your legs warm, trendy and casual
  • Combine with a jumper to create a skirt look
    make your favourite dress into a skirt!
  • Look trendy with a vest
    a loosely fitted vest top can instantly add style

Over to you - good luck with styling your own look!

Now that you have some ideas of how to vary your look - why don't you try it yourself? You may feel pressured to buy a new outfit for an upcoming event - but first consider any accessories that you have at home. Please let me know if you found these tips helpful and if it's something you might try in the comments below.

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    • LongTimeMother profile image

      LongTimeMother 4 years ago from Australia

      This a great hub, louise. One of my adult daughters does precisely this type of thing. Lots of laughter every time I ask if her outfit is new and she points out she's wearing something she's owned for years but changed its presentation a little.

      Voted up and sharing - so others can see your good ideas. :)