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How to Whiten Your Intimate Parts

Updated on March 9, 2018
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I'm an Indian whose mother and grandmother have shit loads of organic health and beauty home remedies and I love to share them with people.

Intimate parts are something we all very conscious about. Due to constant rubbing and lack of air contact, the vaginal areas tend to darken. In this article, I will share an easy, two-step DIY method which will help to get rid of the pigmentation.

This is a 100% natural method and does not contain any harmful acids, so this may take some persistence on your part. Remember to be regular and not give up.

Important: There are many skin whitening techniques on the internet. And most of them contain lime and Baking soda. Our intimate parts are very sensitive and Lime and Baking soda can cause serious damage to these areas.

All you need for this mask is Aloe Vera gel and coconut oil


Aloe Vera contains vitamin A, C, E, folic acid and choline. The cold gel helps sooth the area and Vitamin E reduces pigmentation. You can use a packed product but it will be better if you use fresh aloe vera.

Normally there are no allergic reactions from aloe vera, but there can be some people allergic to it. Aloe Vera comes from the same family as onions and garlic, so someone who is allergic to them may also be allergic to aloe vera.

Apply a little amount of the gel on the back of your hand and leave it for twenty minutes to make sure there is no irritation. A little itching is normal while drying. Do not use if you see extreme redness.


Coconut oil is rich in Lauric acid and Vitamin E. It is easily absorbed by the body and removes toxins easily. It also acts as a moisturizer and will soothe the irritated area.

Method of application:

  • Take a little aloe vera gel and gently massage the area for 15-20 minutes. Leave it until it starts to dry a little and remove it using warm water and towel.
  • Next, take a bit of coconut oil and apply it like a moisturizer on the same area.


  • Use this method at night, before you go to sleep. It will give the oil to completely absorb into the skin.
  • The results will be faster if you leave the area untouched after the application. Try to leave the area bare at night.

This method will take at least a week to show results as these ingredients are 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals.

I hope you found this helpful.


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