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How to Treat and Prevent Five Common Foot Ailments

Updated on November 14, 2008

Why should we imbibe foot care practices? How do we treat our foot when infected with aliments? Then read on...

The foot is one very important part of the body, and most often plagued with ailments of various kinds and degrees. This part of the body is often ignored to our own detriment, ask the Footballer Wayne Rooney of Manchester United what he suffered some few seasons ago when his foot injury was diagnosed as hair line fracture around his toes, then you will appreciate this part of the body, and thus take adequate care of it.

Below are five common ailments that the foot suffers from and a do-it-your self remedy to some of them;

- corns

- calluses

- plantar fasciitis

- verucca

- Athlete’s foot

Now taking them one after the other;

Corns: this is local hardening and thickening of the epidermis: common around the toes. Which is as a result of unusual pressure and sweat (soft corns) and abnormal pressure when walking ( hard corns): commonly around the toes and soles of the feet

Treatment and Remedies: the most common type of treatment is using salicylic acid (a crystalline phenolic acid that is used medically as an exfoliant and analgesic) which helps remove the hard skin. Other effective remedies include using pumice stone a volcanic powder for smoothening and polishing. To avoid recurrence, it is advised that moisturizers should be used often; good fitting foot water will also not be a bad idea.

Callus: thick and hard areas skin can appear any where on the foot when it is rubbed consistently. The most common places are the heel, the ball of the foot and the sides of the toes: the cause of this foot ailment could be attributed to the use of ill-fitting shoes. The area affected is characterized by redness, sore and blisters, then gradually the area become cracked and very painful which in most cases could develop into corns.

TREATMENT: the same treatment used above (treatment of corns) can be used effectively here to remove hard skins

Plantar Fasciitis: plantar (sole of the feet) fasciitis (inflammation): is caused mainly by the following factors

- flat feet

- high arches

- being over weight

- over activity


- Resting the feet as much as possible

- Applying either ice or anti-inflammatory medicines (check any pharmacy or ask a trained chiropodist)

- Taking pain killers or better still consult an expert on feet disorders (chiropodist)

- Prevention:

- Using a foam heel support (ring donut shaped) is helpful to relieve direct pressure on the heels.

- Correct footwear is vital to prevent recurrenc

Verucca: warty skin lesion characterized by sore toe and hardened skin

TREATMENT: the same treatment for corns and calluses can also be applied here

- Prevention: moisturizing the skin and good fitting foot wear helps prevent recurrence

Athlete’s Feet: you don’t need to be a athlete for you to suffer from this fungal infection: which loves to thrive in warm, moist areas of the body. Sweaty toes are an ideal place for this fungus to really thrive, and swimming pools and changing rooms are the common places to get infected

This foot disease makes the skin itchy, red and sore; and if not properly treated, the skin soon becomes soggy. Cracks and peels as it ravages other parts of the feet starting from the toes

- TREATMENT: It is treated using anti-fungal creams containing clotrimazole (an antifungal drug used to treat yeast and fungal infections) available in pharmacies but under prescription by a qualified pharmacist. In as much as it is an Antidote, make sure you consult an expert before using any of this cream

- Foot Powder can also be used according to prescription

- Prevention: wear leather shoes and sandals so your feet can breath

- Avoid plastic shoes and materials

- Wear cotton socks and change them twice a day to keep feet dry

- Alternate between two pairs of shoes, giving each 24 hours to dry out between uses

- Wear sandals or beach slippers in public places such as pool shower and gym locker rooms

- Clean your toe nails as toe nails are breeding spots for athlete’s foot fungus

- Regularly use anti-fungal powder on your feet and in your shoes.

The foot is a very important member of our body, this is why we should take adequate care of it, and if we become infected with any foot ailments, then the above tips on how to care or treat common foot ailments, should come handy.

All the best!







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