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How to combat dry brittle hair

Updated on April 27, 2007

Dry... Brittle... Hair

Many of us deal with dry hair, whether we have long hair or short hair, dark hair or light hair, we all know that when hair gets dry it loses its glow, its shin- it looks dull and dead. We all want healthy beautiful hair, but most of us can't afford to hair Hollywood treatment for our hair.

If you have looked into caring for your dry, brittle hair you have probably found that there are hundreds of products out there who claim they can help, and none of them are very cheap. The least expensive "hot oil" treatment I found (which promised healthy shinny hair) was $11 for a small little bottle, the bottle recommended 2 bottles for long hair, and the bottle said for very dry hair I should use it every week- $22 every week! That is just crazy, and the prices only go up from there, salon treatment can cost as much as $200! No wonder so many of us suffer from dry hair, who can afford to care for it?

We could wear hats all the time, or never go in a chlorine pool, we could all stop dying our hair... but those aren't even thinkable for most of us. I have long hair which takes a beating- sun, chlorine, the salt ocean water, twisted up in hair ties, blow dried, flat ironed, curled- I have done it all to these poor locks- but they haven't lost their shin and glow because I have a secret, and my secret don't cost a thing!

Here is my secret

Once a week I give myself a "deep condition treatment" AT HOME- no expensive salon for me. I wash my hair, than let warm water run through it, I then put a generous amount of conditioner on it, and than rather than rinse it out I just wrap my hair up in a towel for about an hour. I than rinse it out with cool water.

In the summer month when the sun and pool water is making my hair extra dry about once a month I give myself a "hot oil treatment" AT HOME- no expensive product for me. I wash my hair, than let warm water run through it, I than put room temperature olive oil on my hair, leave it on for about 20 minutes and than rinse it out with cool water.

The results from both of these are wonderful, the salon look without the salon price.


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