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How to Dress Like Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Updated on May 19, 2015
Kate Middleton sets a classy example for women.
Kate Middleton sets a classy example for women. | Source

After setting foot in the U.K. years ago, the first thing I noticed about the brits (besides their accent) was their sense of style. I couldn’t have been more impressed with not only the women but the men as well. The American sense of style seemed infantile by comparison with its attention to fads. The British folks knew how to blend classic traditional looks and update them just enough to keep them looking fresh.

Years later, when Kate Middleton married Prince William and became the Duchess of Cambridge, I started seeing images of her, I noticed Kate managed to continue this British Style Tradition that I had observed on my travels. I found myself drawn to see what she was wearing and simply learn more about her life. I found Kate Middleton’s more traditional sense of style and practical approach to life to be a kind of role model and a breath of fresh air compared to the American media’s focus on sensational stories about people like “celebrities” like Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and the Kardashian family, among others.

By comparison, Kate Middleton is a woman who attended University, has a strong sense of self respect, exercises, eats well, is a hands-on mother and loves her family. By observing a woman who can work as a positive role model by defining what it can mean to be a woman today (even if all of us can’t actually marry a prince) is something wonderful to aspire to.

Kate's Look

Kate’s style of clothing is classic and conservative, her clothing is timeless. She is not dressing for trends but rather for what works for her body. Kate’s clothing is carefully fitted to her body, her clothes fit well. Most of her dresses go down as far as her knee. Kate’s shoes are often black or tan, both classic colors that will match just about anything. Kate is very slim and has an almost boyish figure, so her styles will not flatter every shape, but it is still possible for anybody to achieve her “look”.

Clothing Guide

Clothes that fit also flatter. Here Kate wears a well fitted dress.
Clothes that fit also flatter. Here Kate wears a well fitted dress. | Source

To Achieve Kate's Clothing Look you will need:

1. Wear well fitting clothing.

2. Look for monotone color dresses.

3. Avoid showing cleavage or short skirts.

4. Use a taylor to adjust clothing that doesn't fit well.

5. Choose classic pumps in neutral colors like black and tan.

Wear a Hat

Here Kate wears a eye catching hat.
Here Kate wears a eye catching hat. | Source
The award winning period drama, Downton Abbey has increased the popularity of hats.
The award winning period drama, Downton Abbey has increased the popularity of hats.

In England there is a lingering tradition of wearing decorated hats to events like weddings and horse races, this tradition has all but died out here in the states. These hats are certainly not for everyday or everybody.

To Achieve Kate’s Hat Look:

Most department stores have a hat section where you might discover a Kate Middleton type hat that suits you. These types of hats can be found in the spring. Alternatively, you may choose to simply wear any feminine styled hat. By doing this you are showing solidarity with Kate and her fellow brits but you are doing it on your terms. The popular BBC television series Downton Abbey has also increased the popularity of hats.

Kate has healthy beautiful long brown hair.
Kate has healthy beautiful long brown hair. | Source

The Kate Hair Guide

Kate Middleton wears her thick healthy brown hair long with some light layers. This style works well with her classic clothing style. Kate obviously takes very good care of her hair and you can achieve this look too!

To achieve this look:

1. Blow hair dry using a shine enhancing finishing product.

2. Use a curling iron to curl some sections of hair.

Hair Tips:

  • Keep your hair healthy by eating right, conditioning your hair, shampooing only a few times a week, and minimizing the use of hair dryers and flat irons. This will allow your hair to grow longer.
  • Bring a photo of Kate Middleton along with you to your next haircut appointment and ask the stylist to have your hair cut in this way.

Makeup Guide

Kate's makeup is tasteful and fairly natural, the only obvious feature is the dark eyeliner that encircles the eyes.
Kate's makeup is tasteful and fairly natural, the only obvious feature is the dark eyeliner that encircles the eyes. | Source

Kate’s makeup manages to strike a balance, with not too much or too little but “just right.” The goal of her makeup is to emphasize the beauty of her face but not to bring attention to the makeup itself.

To achieve this look:

1.Begin with a black eyeliner and line the upper and lower lids just outside of the lashes.

2. Then using a dark grey shadow blend the upper eyeliner line.

3. Then apply a highlighting shadow just below the eyebrow.

4. Apply mascara.

5. Use a natural blush color on contour of checks.

6. Apply a peach toned lipstick to the lips.

The Kate Exercise Guide

Kate Middleton is known to exercise regularly and for an hour each session. She prefers to exercise at home, sometimes using a kettle ball, going for walks or jogging. Kate will often take long walks with her dog. Both exercise and spending time outside allows Duchess Kate to exude a natural beauty and stay in good shape.

You can follow Kate’s exercise lead by following a plan of simple calisthenics in your home, walking or running and aiming for an hour long workout on most days of the week. Kate is a down to earth girl who doesn’t rely on fancy gyms or personal trainers to be fit. This just proves that if a princess can do it all on her own, so can you!

The Duchess Education Guide

Improve your life with a college degree like Kate.
Improve your life with a college degree like Kate. | Source

Kate Middleton pursued her education at St. Andrews in Fife Scotland and graduated with a degree in Art History.

You can pursue your education as a means to making the most of your life. Obtaining a higher education will not only improve you employment prospects but also broaden your understanding of the world in which you live.

Emit an Aura of Class

Kate Middleton exudes a level of confidence not only by her sense of classic style but by having confidence in herself, knowing who she is and how to wants to present herself. Kate has good posture, poise; she is kind and overall well mannered. All of which are a set of characteristics that set an excellent example of class. Having good manners and knowing how to carry yourself are a big part of what makes a person, classy.

You can be classy too!

Practice good posture by pretending that there is a string on the top of your head pulling you up, as though you are a marionette puppet. Place a few post it notes around your room to remind you of this. You can also stand against a wall to remind your body how it feels to stand up straight.

Manners Count, here are some reminders of what good manners involve:

  • Be more conscious of table manners such as keeping your elbows off the table.
  • Take small bites of food.
  • Focus on listening to others as they speak and not discussing topics that are offensive.
  • Also, remember to say please and thank you.

How to be a Lady, British Style

Adoring Motherhood

Kate Middleton adores motherhood, seen here just after giving birth to her son, George, Prince of Cambridge
Kate Middleton adores motherhood, seen here just after giving birth to her son, George, Prince of Cambridge | Source

An article about Kate Middleton would not be complete without mentioning how even more radiant Kate Middleton has become since becoming pregnant and having her son, Prince George of Cambridge and daughter, Charlotte, Princess of Cambridge. Kate seems to relish in her role as a devoted mother and take pride and joy in being part of a growing family.

There are so many conflicting messages for women nowadays about having a career, marriage; motherhood and beauty that statistics show that less women are having children. It is certainly not easy to “do it all.” Kate Middleton, while she doesn’t have a traditional job, she is expected to make royal appearances and experience the pressure of living in the media fish bowl.

Regardless of all these sometimes conflicting demands, Kate relishes her role as a Mother and in doing so has rejected the tradition of having a royal child raised in the castle by nannies, maids and servants. She is setting her own standard of Motherhood and in doing this she follows in the footsteps of Princess Diana.

You can adore and enjoy Motherhood by setting your own expectations for yourself, rather than trying to meet with the expected cultural and perhaps family traditions and carve your own definition of Motherhood for yourself. What seems right to you and for you child and family? Answering that question will help you radiate in your own experience of Motherhood.

Kate as a Role Model

While the American tabloid media focuses around women who have problems in their lives and seem to have lost direction and self-respect. The Brits have Kate Middleton, a woman who manages to show self-respect, poise, and love and in her own way becomes a fabulous role model for woman young and old. By looking to Kate’s style or way of conducting your life you will find Kate to be an inspiration, as a Princess should be for the rest of us.

More ways to Get Kate's Beauty and Fashion Look


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