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Help Me Look Younger in Two Weeks. How to Get Started

Updated on October 12, 2012

Tips on how to look 10 years younger instantly

Quick and simple Tricks to look younger.

If you have a special event coming up and need to pull yourself together quickly, here is a guide line that you may follow to pull yourself together and look your youthful best for a big event.

1) Massage virgin olive oil on your face,and neck at night time. It will tighten up your skin and add a youthful glow. This will not only make your skin look younger instantly, but when you wake up after having slept in this oil, your skin will feel softer than is ever has.

2) Avoid the sun as much as possible, the sun is major factor in causing premature aging, and destroying your youthful glow. Always wear sunscreen (+20) to keep your skin free of freckles, as youthful looking as possible.

3) Do aerobics. Even if you don't work out right now, you should do aerobics for two weeks before your big event. You will not only tone up your body, but your face will look better from the improved circulation. This is how younger skin looks naturally,

4) Curl your hair. Something up and away from the face. Straight styles that are worn these days are not flattering. No wonder so many stars are getting plastic surgery. If you do not have a perfect face, a straight style will flatten your cheeks, emphasizing your nose, and drawing attention to any jowls or sagging. An uplifted hair style can give your face more uplift.

5) Invest in eyelash extensions. Thick, long eyelashes are a sign of youth, they will also detract from wrinkles that you already have.

6) How do I get skinny? Try to totally eliminate sugar from your diet. I have discovered that a healthy glow and overall freshness will be evident within 3 days of cutting sugar from your diet. This has the potential to take years off your face, as well as help you lose weight.

7) Avoid stress as much as possible. If you are agitated and stressed out for 2 weeks, it does not matter what else you do, the stress will show on your face and make you look haggard. Make sure you do something relaxing. Spend time in a spa, get a massage or simply watch something funny on TV. This is great therapy for your mood and your skin.

8) If you are not yet drinking water all day long, this is the time to start. Get in the habit of drinking at least 6 glasses per day. I personally drink way more than 6 glasses, and I have never suffered from dryness.

Be diligent for two weeks straight and you will not be disappointed.

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    • maryhoneybee profile image

      maryhoneybee 5 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      Time for me to buy some olive oil! I read it's also good to help with weight loss. Nice tips!

    • Twilightzones profile image

      Twilightzones 5 years ago

      Thanks. The olive oil ans stimulation of running for 10 did the job