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Huge August Makeup Haul!

Updated on August 16, 2017

Ulta Beauty Kit - I Woke Up Like This

I started this month with an empty face primer and I wanted something not too pricey, but also something that works decently. I went into Ulta to find something I can work with and I was happily surprised to find a kit that included everything I needed.The kit was big, it had about 7 products in it and it happened to be on sale from $24 lowered to about $19. I was EXCITED when I found this gem of a kit in the clearance section.

Here is what it included:

The kit was named the Ulta Beauty Collection- " I Woke Up Like This" (7 piece primer essentials kit).

-Matte eye primer

-Color correcting face primer

-Color correcting face stick

-Lash primer-shade enhancing blue tint

-Lip Primer

-Oil control primer and setter balm

-A beauty blender!

Such a great sale price for all these pieces.Honestly I haven't tried all the pieces from it, but I did try the lip primer. My thoughts on the lip primer are that I would definitely use a lip scrub before the primer because it won't create an effect if you have chapped lips underneath it. The beauty blender excites me because of its softness and its texture I think it would do good work. As far as everything else, I'm glad it is even included in this kit!

Ulta Beauty Collection Kit

The next kit I received at Ulta was a surprise to me, because it wasn't part of my purchase, it was a free gift. I think I had enough points on purchases I had made previously and along with this I also received a free birthday gift.

The kit was also packed with many goodies from the Ulta brand. I received: (below)

-A nude eye shadow palette

-Contour palette with translucent pressed powder


-Black & plum colored eye pencil

-Small contour brush for contour kit

-Lip primer (second one I received)

-A dark plum lip pencil

-Dark plum liqiud lipstick

-Eye shadow glittery primer

This was such a steal because it was so many goodies! Thank you ULTA!

I loved the lip pencil and the mascara the most.

August Ipsy Bag Arrived Just on Time!

My Ipsy bag couldn't have arrived at a better time, right around my birthday and right when I made my purchase at Ulta.

Ipsy this month was hooking it up with a really nice contour brush from Crown Cosmetics. Super glad I can change out my cheap brushes I bought online with nice brushes that Ipsy sent me over the past year. I have about 5 new brushes in total from their collections.

The next item was Winky Lux - full coverage concealer. I haven't heard of this brand, but their packaging is super cute with little lashy eyes all over the bottle. (sounds weirder than it looks)

I also received an eye shadow from the Balm Voyage collection from The Balm Cosmetics, I also have a bunch of their shades in the cute little squares they sent them in! The shades are cool because can be used as a cheek luminizer in addition to being an eye shadow collection. This shade as you can guess is a light off white color that pops the inner corner of your eyes or highlights the brow bone.

Next product was a serum for everyday use (day and night) Derma-E Vitamin Concentrated Serum. Hearing all this stuff about vitamin E being the secret to keeping your skin tight and youthful as we age, I am eager to start using products like these asap! 5 stars for this product. Thanks IPSY!

Final product was an HD Finishing Powder from Naked Cosmetics good for if you use foundation daily and need a powder to give you a matte look after. I haven't leaned on finishing powders, but I do use a powder from Cover girl and am willing to try something new because I've been using it for about 3 years ..

Bag in perspective, I would give it about 4 stars. I have the balm collection already because of previous bags, and I'm not a fan of concealer because that is the easiest product to buy in my perspective. As well as to say I wasn't too big on the HD powder unless I change my mind after I write this. I did also go back to my Ipsy log in on their website and retake the beauty quiz so that the next Ipsy I receive is a bit more customized to my liking! I recommend it and ill share how I like my next months beauty picks.

Free Gifts + What I Bought

If you subscribe to the mailing list for both Sephora and Ulta, every year on your birthday they'll give you a free gift when you go to the store.

That is what I did this year, here is what I received!

From Ulta not only did they give me that free blue bag Ulta collection (because of my points) , but I also received a mascara from Lancome in a cute birthday card.

From Sephora I even had options to choose from and I chose the Tarte gift with a blush and lip gloss. The blush is a pink/soft shade that is very subtle when worn and the lip gloss is almost the same shade, but a nude darker blush. I gave it to my mom because I liked the way it looked on her and I didn't take a pic of it before.

What I bought:

Separately, (because I didn't receive enough makeup right)

I bought a Tarte Palette (on the go palette) because I had a Sephora gift card and the palette was perfectly priced at $23 when I had $25 on the card. I treated myself to cute matte shades that I didn't have and was happy to find that the shades complimented the brown eyes best! It had light and dark purple hues as well as light for the inner eye.

I also bought a hair mask because I just refreshed my hair color recently and I chose the Mark Anthony Argan oil hair mask. Haven't used it either, but i'm never disappointed from those masks.

Who has an Ipsy Subscription?

How many of my readers are subscribed to Ipsy or any other monthly beauty box?

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    • profile image

      Marisa Arriaga 8 months ago

      this is my dream i have lupus and try to look as good as i can everyday i also have fibromyalgia and rheumatiod arthritis and other medical problems and make up makes it better