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Huggies Denim Diapers The Next Big Thing

Updated on July 13, 2010

The newest style for babies is the Huggies denim diapers or Huggies Jean Diapers. These are some of the next biggest things since walking. Now your baby can walk in style. The price for denim diapers is really great for less than $20 you can join the next trend. You will want to stock up on this fashion for your young one these will only be available for a limited time, in NYC these made a huge hit because they are great for boys and girls. The Huggies denim diapers still has the great absorbing benefits that Huggies offers. These disposable diapers are great because no more worries about getting grass stains or washing a pair of pants as often. You can just let your baby stroll around in his denim diaper.

Kimberly Clark made these Huggies Jean Diapers and even had a modeling of them with toddlers as the models. Now that it's summer what better time to let your baby run around in their Huggies denim diapers. The New York Times & Time Magazine have even written articles about the Huggies denim. Their motto is: “The coolest you’ll look pooping your pants.” but you older kids don't get any ideas about that. That is a great saying i think because it grabs everyone's attention. I hear that this is going to be a season thing with new designs coming out each season which would be a great idea for anyone looking to keep your babies diapers interesting as well as up to style. But for style you will pay only a couple dollars more for those Huggies denim diapers but it's only a couple dollars. For any mom looking to keep your baby hip and in style and talk of the playground put them in a pair of Huggies denim diapers.

Denim Diapers Covers

Worried about the quality of the Huggies denim diapers which soe people are over concerns of the quality and comfort of the denim diapers. For years their have been denim diaper covers that just slip over the diapers for tht denim look and it's reusuable for multiple uses. Some greatfeatures of the denim covers are:

  • 100% Cotton, Lightweight Denim
  • Authentic Back Pockets with "W" Stitching
  • Full Elastic Waist and Legs
  • Machine wash warm with like colors only Non-chlorine bleach when needed Tumble dry low


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