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Human Pheromones Top 5 Truths

Updated on March 26, 2010

Human Pheromones Top 5 Truths

The truth about human pheromones is very hard to find. You need to dig deep, try new products or old products and you are likely going to be scammed out of your money due to a lot of products out there claiming to have pheromones but do not. What this article will offer is a great solution so that people who have read this doesn’t have to go through all the hassles and be ripped off out of their hard earned money. So I definitely suggest getting the information out of this article before buying any human pheromones.

Top 5 truths about human pheromones.

5. There are 3 main and widely accepted pheromone substances.

They are androstenone, androsterone, and androstenol. These 3 main human pheromones have been proven to work and they are widely accepted in the pheromone community. So if a person is looking to buy human pheromones, the pheromone cologne or product needs to have at least one of these substances. I recommend that the main substance is androstenone. The other pheromones aren’t as effective in getting sexual hits as androstenone. If you come across pheromone cologne or product that has all their ingredients as a “secret”, chances are this product will not work so don’t buy it. The company needs to publicly admit that one of the three main pheromone substances I mentioned above is in their product.

4. Human pheromones wither, decay and die under certain conditions

This is very important fact because this may lead to a faulty product. It happened to me a couple of times and I had to return the product. It’s a great thing that the site I bought my pheromones offer a 100% guarantee. This will happen to a lot of people also. One of the factors that can destroy pheromones easily inside a bottle is heat and most of the time it is heat coming from the sun. So if I ordered a pheromone product like Alter Ego, and on its way to my house, the package is exposed to the sun for too long, the pheromones inside the bottle will break and no longer work. When this happens, the bottle usually smells really weird and funky. So always put your pheromone colognes in a place away from heat and should be in room temperature at all times. Also, pheromone companies and pheromone sellers understand this concept very well. A lot of things or conditions can happen that can make the pheromone product ineffective and useless which is why they really do not mind if they replace the faulty product. So don’t even think twice, return it if it doesn’t work. Customers need to be happy with their purchase so that they can purchase some more.

3. Human pheromones have negative side effects and reactions

Human pheromones can alter a person’s behavior. It can alter user and people around the user. The positive reactions or effects are that women or men will be more attracted towards the user. There are also negative side effects and these are often called overdose. It usually happens when somebody puts too much androstenone in their body. An overdose is usually irritation. People around user and user itself are easily irritated. This is often accompanied by sudden bursts of anger that is unexplainable. It is important to watch out for this side effect because it can affect your relationship with your lover and your friends unintentionally.

2. Androstenone is the most powerful pheromone substance

This isn’t really proven or scientifically proven yet but it is widely accepted in the pheromone community that androstenone should be the main ingredient in any pheromone products. So it is a lot better to buy androstenone heavy products or pure androstenone products then mix it with other pheromones than buying already made pheromone colognes if the person buying is a beginner. Androstenone can alter a person’s mood and behavior very easily so it is easier to see that pheromone products really do work if the newbie or beginner is wearing androstenone.

1. Human pheromones need a catalyst for it to work and make the wearer attractive

This is the one truth that needs to be in every pheromone user’s mind. I don’t care if the user is a newbie or an experienced pheromone user. Human pheromones cannot work alone. They cannot operate or attract someone with just smell. One of the other 4 senses (humans have 5 senses including smell) needs to be stimulated also in a positive way and if they are not stimulated in a positive way, it is unlikely that pheromones will work. The brain needs to be stimulated also since the brain is the most powerful or main determinant in attracting someone.

This one fact alone requires another full article to be explained so I will not get into it very deeply. You can check out my other articles by clicking on my name (Author) if you want to know more. The easiest catalyst is looks. If a girl is somewhat attracted to you or by the way you wear clothes, then human pheromones will increase, improve and accelerate that attraction. However, if there is no attraction, or the girl is turned off by something you did, human pheromones will not work in your favor, it may even increase the attraction of someone close to you but definitely it will not work in your favor.

Read people's testimonials and experiences plus get some free pheromone sample packets in this pheromones for men site. You can also come to my best pheromones site to read about other pheromone products.


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