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Hunger Games Themed Nails

Updated on March 19, 2012

With all of the hype surrounding the new Hunger Games movie based off of the book by Suzanne Collins I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and show you an easy way to have Hunger games Spirit with a creative fun nail design.

What you need:

  • Any shades of normal polish or varnish in:


  • Black Crackle Polish
  • Clear Top Coat

Step 1

Give all of your nails a base coat on the yellow

Step 2

With the brush will almost no polish on it lightly brush streaks of the orange over the yellow.

Step 3

With the red ad sporadic marks or spots, don't worry about a pattern or messing up.

Step 4

Cover the entire nail in a thick coat of the black crackle polish. Wait for it to dry to reveal the lava effect.

Step 5

Add a clear top coat to keep the polish from chipping



  • Let each layer fully dry before moving to the next step


  • Rush yourself, take time for the best results


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