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Hunter Rain Boots

Updated on March 10, 2011

Hunter Rain Boots for Women, Men, and Kids!

Tired of ordinary rain boots that look more like galoshes? If you want fashionable rain proof footwear, then Hunter rain boots are for you! These were originally created in Scotland in 1856. Back then, they were worn mainly by equestrians.

Now, the brand has paired up with Jimmy Choos footwear, which takes them to the next level of fashion! They have since become popular with fashion models, celebrities, and sports stars. You can find photos of celebrities wearing them all the time.

Not only do Hunter boots look good, they also feel great. They have cushioned insoles that can be removed. They also have an antibacterial netted lining to keep your feet clean and dry. (Not to mention not smelly) The boots also feature a rubber base to prevent you from slipping in wet weather.

Hunter rain boots are not just for women. There are styles available for men and children as well. You can find them in a variety of colors and fabrics. Keep reading to learn more about the different styles of these fashionable boots!

Black Hunter Rain Boots - They go with Everything!

One of the most popular color of these boots is black. Black hunter rain boots go with just about everything! They are relatively easy to find as well.

Then there are other colors that are more difficult to find. Amazon doesn't carry that many of them. Also, ebay and other sites may be hit and miss. You can occasionally find the color you want at a retail store, but that can be difficult as well.

Some popular types include pink hunter rain boots, silver hunter rain boots, green, red, and yellow. But you can find all sorts of colors and styles at Endless.

How to Clean Hunter Rain Boots

Finding Hunter Rain Boots on Sale

It can be hard to find Hunter rain boots on sale.  They generally cost around $125.  You can occasionally find certain colors on sale at Amazon or at your local store. 

Another option is to look for them on eBay.  The only problem with this is you don't know what condition they are in.  Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

One trick I should mention - if you search under Wellington rain boots on Amazon, you are likely to find  a lower price.  These look very similar to Hunter boots, but they cost about $50 less.  The main difference is they do not say "Hunter" on the front.  They just have a blue and red rectangle.


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