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Hypo-Allergenic and Mineral Makeup for the Sensitive-Skinned Woman

Updated on August 24, 2010

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Skin Break-out
Skin Break-out

Many women have different skin types and therefore different needs when it comes to products. Some women may have to use makeup and face products that tailor to oily or dry skin, but what happens when you seem to be allergic to most makeup? I myself have had this problem and over the past few years I have been experimenting with different brands and types of makeup that not only made me look good, but made me feel good too.

There's nothing worse than putting on your foundation while getting ready in the morning, and then discovering it's caused you to break out into a huge rash! So what types and brands of makeup are available for those with sensitive skin?

Mineral Makeup

Since the beginning of makeup history, people have been using products that hindered their skin. Thick coats of grease were once applied to the lips and eyes to serve as lipstick and mascara. You've heard of a lot of makeup being made from whale blubber, which is just fat, but who wants to slather that all over themselves? Most makeup is fabricated with fillers and preservatives that aren't good for regular skin but spell absolute disaster for those with sensitive skin.

This is where the new ranges of mineral makeup come in. They're not made with synthetic, man-made ingredients but instead from ingredients mined from the earth. Generally, the definition of mineral makeup is anything that has a base of mica, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. So it is the general consensus that mineral makeup is better for your skin and less likely to cause a reaction than other makeup containing synthetic polymers. Mineral makeup is designed to let your skin breathe while other synthetic makeup products don't allow your skin to do this, which causes breakouts.

Mineral makeup is good for your skin!
Mineral makeup is good for your skin!

Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Benefits of new mineral makeup include:

- Vibrancy.

Mineral makeup has a far greater range of colours which are usually brighter and bolder than other synthetic products. This means that you use less of the products, which allows your skin even more freedom.

- Control.

Not only is eyeshadow available in more colours than ever, but so is your foundation. The makeup manufacturers have far greater control over which shades they produce, meaning a much closer match of foundation to your natural skin tone.

- Nourishment.

Mineral makeup also nourishes your skin. It reacts with and balances your skin's natural oils to keep a healthy (but not shiny) glow all day long. Mineral makeup also conditions the skin naturally.

- It's Breathable.

Allowing your skin to breathe is important. Blocked pores are the most common causes of blackheads and pimples.

- Lack of Preservatives and Fragrance.

Preservatives and fragrances are the biggest causes of allergic reactions to makeup. Mineral makeup generally contains none of these, but make sure you check the label.

Drawbacks of Mineral Makeup

Unfortunately there is no standard for labelling a makeup as "mineral" - these products may only have a small percentage of minerals in them and yet still claim to be good for you. Users need to have discretion wen buying any form of mineral makeup. Take a look at the ingredients first. Ingredients are listed in descending predominant order, therefore if mineral ingredients are listed at the top you know the product is genuine.

Other Hypoallergenic Alternatives

Unfortunately, as with mineral makeup, hypoallergenic makeup has no strict testing or labelling requirements. This means that any company may claim that their product is hypoallergenic when it is, in fact, not. A good method would be to stick to a well-known and popular brand. You can even look online to see which brands have worked for other people with similar skin as you.

The Bottom Line

You want a makeup that isn't going to be detrimental to your skin or cause you any pain. Other than a little research the only way to find out what definitely works for you is to give it a go. If the product does not do what it claims to do, you may be eligible for a refund.

In my experiences, the more expensive the makeup, the more allergic to it I was. $35 eyeliners would make my eyes water, and $18 would make my lips swell. That is, until I came across mineral makeup. I highly recommend it, so below are some of my favourite products.

Zazi Individuals in Ace
Zazi Individuals in Ace

My first experience with Zazi was almost a year ago. They sat me down and removed my makeup, only to apply their own. I was amazed with the vibrant results, and I was not allergic whatsoever. I purchased Individuals in Ace for $15. While the pot may seem tiny, you only need to use a little and it lasts forever. In fact, to this day I still have it.

Maybelline Mineral Powder
Maybelline Mineral Powder

I purchased my Maybelline mineral powder in a kit from my local chemist, which contained the foundation, translucent powder and concealer for $30. I've been using it ever day for almost a year now, and the powder is still going strong. It has great coverage and visibly perfects the appearance and texture of your skin right before your eyes.

Natio Mineral Cheek and Lip Tint
Natio Mineral Cheek and Lip Tint

I've had this one for about 6 months now. As I recall it cost me $14 from a chemist. It's just a tint so it doesn't create a 'bold' look so this product is just what I was looking for. I've never used this one on my cheeks, just my lips, but I find it nourishes my lips and tastes delicious! The effect, I find, is long-lasting as well.

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    • profile image

      sarah 14 months ago

      In case this helps anyone!

      I bought a few mineral cosmetic products as well as skin care from a few companies.

      pur, wasnt bad, but they quality didnt seem that good

      blush fusion, good quality but a newer company not as famous (

      bella pierre, just a rip off for the same thing you get at blush fusion

    • Choke Frantic profile image

      Choke Frantic 7 years ago from Newcastle, Australia

      I think the Maybelline powder is wonderful, and I highly recommend it. Its fun to watch it perfect your skin right before your eyes! The instructions that come with the poweder say to shake some into the lid, then dip the brush into the lid and tap the excess off. I think if you did this it would stop the small particles from getting in your eyes. Good luck!

    • profile image

      cosette 7 years ago

      i've seen that Maybelline mineral powder in the store but didn't know anything about it, so this is good information. i am almost out of makeup - i use plain old Cover Girl Clean Makeup but have been wanting to try something new because they changed the formula and it's all thick now instead of thin and sheer, which is a turn-off, as i like makeup as sheer as possible. the onliest thing is, i wear contacts and am afraid all those tiny particles will get in my contacts- what do you think?

      thanks for a great hub. rating UP and useful.