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I Don't Have Anything To Wear and No Money to Buy New Clothes

Updated on December 5, 2010
Like this to dress up
Like this to dress up
A suit jacket like this will go with almost anything, or in a darker color even better
A suit jacket like this will go with almost anything, or in a darker color even better
this look can be dressed up or down
this look can be dressed up or down
this is the whole suit but taken apart, and mixed with other pieces you already have makes it look your way
this is the whole suit but taken apart, and mixed with other pieces you already have makes it look your way

Styles fashion and fads

Styles come and go, and if I tried to keep up with what the department stores are telling us is in this spring or fall, I would be in big trouble as far as my clothing is concerned.  The well known phrase that the common housewife has repeated through the years, is still in style, long after the clothing in her closet isn't.  The closet is stuffed full, and she doesn't have anything to wear.

My grandmother told me that if I did have the occasion to buy something new, and maybe it was expensive, or maybe not, but her point was that if it was something that I liked, never throw it out.  She was a firm believer in the tradition that every twenty years all the old styles come back.  To some degree she was correct.  The length of the skirts, the full skirt,or the straight skirt, the straight legged jean, the boot cut, they all come and go into and out of style all the time. 

My solution to the not having anything to wear, is make something, and I do not mean on a sewing machine, for a seamstress I am not.  When I buy items of clothing, I try to make the items things that I can mix and match with what I have, or with other items I have yet to buy.  For example, and let's use fall/winter as our example for our outfits, I might buy a skirt that is either black or grey, or brown, and with that skirt I can simply wear a blouse or sweater for something simple, or a t-shirt tiny top with a jacket or vest over the top.   These are all no brainers.  Wait until you find out what else I have been known to do......

One of my favorite places to "shop" for something different for the closet, is the thrift store.  But, I have been hard to find if you are looking for me, for you won't find me in the ladies section.  One of my favorite things to change my style, are men's suit jackets.  If I can find a suit jacket that I like, I will wear it with skirts, pants, and even wear a dressy shirt or blouse and a tie, tied loosely.  Many decades ago (boy that makes me sound old) I quit trying to stay in fashion, and I began making my own styles.  It is amazing too, that more times than not, others will copy my trend and I will see people around me trying the same kind of style.

Certain things in your closet are a must though, and jeans is one of them.  If you can find a good pair of jeans, you can dress them up or down depending on where you are going. A few tiny tops that can be worn on hot days, or under something, a pair of boots is good, and a couple of jacket or sweater type tops.  Then a few heavier jacket type coats, for variety.  A couple of skirts, of go with any color, color.  Then if you can find some accessories that are all very different, they will go a long way to changing the look of what you are wearing.  Hats, if you are a hat person, put personality into your outfit.  Layers always make a different look, and is convenient too.

No matter what, do not fall into the old depressing cop out of sweats and t-shirts.  There is nothing as dreary and right next to ugly as the same old sweats, day after day.  If you find you have fallen into that rut, you might as well stop brushing your hair, no make-up and definitely don't put on socks with your shoes.  This will finish off that look, and if you don't snap out of it, I am very serious about what I just said. 

Whenever you are getting creative with your clothing, make sure that when you are inventing that new outfit, you find a full length mirror to see what you look like from head to toe, because it can be an embarrassing situation to find that something you are wearing out of the house, just does not look right. 

Take pride in whatever you have on, and don't be shy about borrowing some of the things from a mans closet for with the right tucks and ties and pins, they might look better on you than they do on the man they belong to.


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  • JY3502 profile image

    John Young 

    8 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

    Hey DD! Maybe I can do the same. LOL Great tips on fashion. Voted up.


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