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I Love the Skin I'm In!

Updated on August 15, 2014
You can put food on your face and eat it as well.
You can put food on your face and eat it as well.
Drink water
Drink water

I Love the Skin I’m in!

The one thing that can damper your day is bad skin. I’m not talking about waking up and the pillow has made an imprint on your face. If that’s your only skin problem…I hate you! No I’m talking serious blemishes and bumps that make even your mom say you look bad. Women spend millions of dollars to brighten, moisturize and tighten skin. I’ve even heard that several stars and socialites spend hundreds of dollars to get Nightingale bird poop rubbed on their face. I wonder if pigeon poop works the same way. Don’t act like you weren’t thinking the same thing!

The skin is the biggest organ of the body and the first thing people notice. The skin is a protector and like most protectors it is expose to harsh elements. For that reason there are hundreds of skin conditions so I’m just going to touch up on the most common.


Everyone has gone a round or two with this condition. If you are dealing with acne and you are 13-17 years old then you can blame it mostly on hormones. If you are like me and you are in your mid 20s-30s then the cause can be genetic or stress. Go have a cocktail. And if you are taking any drugs like steroids, amphetamines, or lithium then they can cause acne. Say no kids when it comes to drugs! Acne is when your glands in your skin produce too much sebum aka natural oils. Everyone sheds dead skin cells, at times dead cells will stick to the sebum and clog up your pores and acne is born.

There are three types of Acne, can you believe that! I thought it was one big pain in the…well let’s move on. White/black heads are plugged hair follicles; the bump stays beneath the skin. The difference between the white and black head is the black head has reached the skin’s surface and it’s black because it is now exposed to the air. It’s not dirt!

Papules are those pink bumps that are tender when you touch. Don’t touch your face! Pimples are papules with lesions. All the yucky stuff coming out of them (I know there’s a medical term but it’s not coming to my mind) is because your body is fighting the bacteria. Go body!

Here are some of the things that may cause acne and some things you should avoid. Pressure from helmets, backpacks and uniforms, so football players it’s either acne or concussions. Oils from skin and/or hair products so read the labels. If your work is stressful or you work in a kitchen that fries food, it increases your chances of getting acne. Living in a place that is very humid or high pollution is not good for your skin. Miami people if you have bad acne think about moving to Montana! Let’s say you look in the mirror and you have acne. Do not squeeze, pick or scrub your face hard. What that does is it actually makes the acne spread! Clean your face every day with a mild soap; my favorite is Neutrogena. Always wash off make up and shower after exercising. My oily hair ladies love ya, but, keep your hair off your face. This next thing I’m about to say will not sit well with fashionistas, but, try to avoid hats. I’m the big floppy hat lady by the pool looking great; so don’t feel bad if you can’t give this up because I ain’t! Find make-up that is water-base or noncomedogenic formula it is great on your skin. A LITTLE sun is good if you suffer from acne. If you suffer from acne and you have tried all these things; find a dermatologist in your area, they are the professionals. And there is one last thing on this topic, what was it? Oh yeah DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE!


This condition is not fully understood by doctors and there are many types of Eczema. The symptoms of Eczema are swollen, irritated and itchy skin. One type that is most frequent is being in contact with a mild irritant like Nickel or Poison Ivy. Another cause could be your genes or an overactive immune system. Eczema varies from mild to severe and there are a lot of products like lotions to help people suffering with this condition. If you have this or think you do go see a dermatologist to get the help you need.


This condition is when you have brown, blue-gray, or tan spots on the central part of your face, cheeks and jaw line. Pregnant women may get this due to hormonal changes. It can also be caused by the sun or genetic. Parents ruin everything! That’s what my teenage nephew always tells me. Melasma is uncommon among males. Another reason to hate men ladies; it just keeps adding up. If you have this condition try not to go in the sun or use sunscreen and hats are great! Go see a dermatologist they are your friends.


People over the age 30 tend to have this condition; isn’t turning 30 bad enough! Rosacea is redness on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. You may have thickness of skin, small bumps and red eyes; doctors say it’s not infection from bacteria. It affects people with fair skin or who blush easily. Tell me if you haven’t heard this before; it runs in the family. Face it people your skin is due to your parents! Here are some triggers that can flare Rosacea; exercising, sun and wind exposure, hot weather, stress, spicy foods (that sucks), alcohol (that sucks) and hot baths (that sucks too). You know what I’m going to say people! Go see a dermatologist to help you with any skin issues.

Sun Damage

I don’t know why but when I think of sun damage I always think of Louis Vuitton bags, trunks and belts. We all know what causes sun damage and what it does to a person’s skin. But let’s refresh because I know some of you are sun worshippers.

The UV light from the sun breaks down the fibers in the skin aka elastin this causes the skin to sag and not return to the upright position. Sun damage can make your skin bruise and tear easy. If you have sun damage it takes longer for your skin to heal. Skin cancer, the number one threat to sun damaged skin is when there is an uncontrollable growth of abnormal skin cells. Those “age spot” might have nothing to do with age or be as harmless as a spot. If you do have a mole or “spot” that appeared on your skin go see who? A dermatologist, they have the tools and the knowledge to let you know if it’s benign (non cancer) or malignant (cancer).

Scars & Stretch Marks

Scars are bad, just think of all the characters that had “scar” in their name. Scar from The Lion King, who wants to have an uncle like that! Scarface…I know the main character’s name was Tony Montana but didn’t he have a scar on his face? Well we all can agree he left a few scars.

When you get a wound your body creates new collagen fibers to heal or close up the wound. Your body can at times produce too much of the fibers which a scar is formed. If anyone in your family has scars this could mean you are more likely to form a scar; something to think about when deciding surgery for any reasons.

There are tons of treatment for scars like skin creams, radiotherapy, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, filler injections and steroid injections. The last treatment may cause acne so we’re right back to where we started. To find out more about these treatments or about your scars go see a dermatologist near you.

Stretch Marks

I am a mother of two handsome boys and this skin condition I do have…stretch marks. I believe that as a mother if you have stretch marks then you are a tiger who has earned her stripes. So if you are a mom reading this go ahead, stand up and roar! And if anyone ask you what is wrong; you tell them “I’m a tiger, you see my stripes.” All the things we do as a mom, we are a beast.

The surprising thing I have learned about stretch marks is they don’t happen because your skin stretched. Let it sink in. The real reason they appear is because of hormones. Yes when you gain or lose a lot of weight quickly it generates a hormone that causes stretch marks! There are treatments for stretch marks like creams (most famous is coco butter) to lasers. Go see a dermatologist to see what can work for you.

That was a lot but wait there’s more! We have read things that can cause a skin condition and all the things we should avoid. There are things that you can eat to make your skin look and feel better. Of course the most obvious is no smoking it ages you and makes you stink. This generation is supposed to be the one that will end smoking and I hope they accomplish it. Low fat dairy products are great because of vitamin A. Yogurts with acidophilus “live” bacteria are a must in your frig. High antioxidant foods like black & blue berries, strawberries and plums are great snacks. Foods with fatty acids (not chips) like salmon, walnuts, flax seeds and canola oil. Crush walnuts; coat the salmon with the walnuts. Cook the salmon in the canola oil and make a smoothie with the flax seed, low fat dairy, yogurt and fruits. Omega 3 & 6 are great to include in your vitamin routine. If you enjoy cooking in oils, buy ones that have cold pressed, expeller processed, or extra virgin written on the label. Green tea is gross to me but I have a cup or two because it’s an anti-inflammatory. We all have heard drink lots and lots of water. Some of us don’t listen; guilty as charge. If you drink a lot of water you sweat more efficiently and that helps keep your skin clear!

There are so so many products you can buy to help clean your skin. I will not name any because one there’s too many and two, I’m not getting paid to do so. I will tell you this, when you do wash your face use warm water to lather and cool water to rinse. It opens and closes pores and also stimulates circulation. Pat your face dry and to apply moisturizer SPF 30 tap it on your face do not drag your hands on your face. Leaving soap on your face makes it dirtier so pay attention to the jaw line and neck (harder to rinse those areas). Remember ladies always remove your make-up at the end of day. I read that if you sleep with your make-up on; when you get up, your face has more germs on it than a toilet! It’s bad when you have to do a “walk of shame” early in the morning, but, it’s worst when you do it with a potty face!

Look in the mirror and love ALL of you!


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