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I Married a Makeup Artist!

Updated on June 28, 2017

Linda Martin: Makeup Artist

My Makeup Before Linda

So before I ever met my wife, my makeup routine was pretty simplistic! I used covergirl foundation and loreal liquid eyeliner and that was pretty much it. Since I am in the military, everyone's makeup is pretty basic. I was actually considered a wing eyeliner guru but little did I know! Linda and I met in November of 2014 in her hometown of Atlanta, GA (that is another story!). When we first started dating, the first thing she pointed out; she said "You have no eyebrows, come here." I was hesitant at first, most makeup artists in the mall always did my makeup over dramatic and the people I had seen who did their eyebrows were horrendous at that point in my life.

It took a little time for me to get used to it but gradually it became natural and I have no idea how I never did my eyebrows before. Like I said earlier, my knowledge of makeup brands literally were just drug store products. I had never stepped foot into an Ulta, Sephora, or MAC. I remember we went to the Exchange on base and she was overly excited because they had Bobbi Brown. I gradually learned about all the makeup brands and it became so easy to shop for gifts for my beloved. Linda was and is so enthusiastic about makeup that you (even if you are not interested in makeup) become just as addicted. Her enthusiasm and happiness from the various products and brands just fills the room!

I soon learned about every product imaginable. So much that I am sure I know more than most makeup artists, which is crazy! I learned about texture, pigmentation, application, various brushes, and all the things in between. I have had makeup overload for the past 3 years and it has been a ride. So now I want to take the time to introduce you to the amazing Linda Martin!

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Linda Martin Makeup Artist!

Linda's Love for Makeup

Linda has been in love with makeup ever since she was a little girl. She would watch her mom and was in awe of the artistry involved. When she was a little girl, she walked by the MAC Cosmetics counter in the mall and her and her mom had a mini makeover. She was in love from that moment on. Linda lived for earning enough to get the newest lipstick or limited edition makeup. Her dream was to become a makeup artist. When I first met Linda, I watched her skill level and how she applied makeup and was amazed! I instantaneously knew she was a natural.

Natural Artist

She knew she was good at applying makeup but I saw that she was not only good but great! I slowly started challenging her to do more dramatic looks. Even though most of us non-makeup people prefer natural looks, you know we assume that a makeup artist can do anything if they can do dramatic artistic looks! It is like looking for a tattoo artist, you want the artist that has master the skill of detail. She began accepting my challenges and even amazed herself. She is a true artist; once she starts working on her canvas, she is completely and utterly immersed in her work. It is honestly beautiful to watch at times! It is almost like she goes into a trance and then the end product is revealed and everyone is in awe.

Every time we went to the store and walked by MAC, the manager would encourage her to apply but she still felt her artistry was not at the MAC level. She can be stubborn at times. Eventually she did apply for MAC and was instantly hired as an artist! Which if anyone knows MAC is unheard of. They have a very intense interview process. She quickly became a go to artist for MAC. She won the Selena contest and was selected to help launch the MAC Selena Collection in Texas. She was also selected for many other limited edition launches!

As she gained confidence in her artistry, she wanted to reach out to more people and help encourage their artistry and makeup enthusiasm. She had previously started going live in a beauty page and realized how much fun and how many people were eager to learn. The beauty page however had too many constricting rules, so she created her own and dove head first into her glammers! The page is on Facebook and is called Viva La Glam. She goes live at least twice a week and does tutorials for looks, reviews, and advice on makeup products. This has become her baby and I encourage you as the reader to check it out. I have watched so many of her glammers grow as artist and just grow in general with their makeup skills and techniques. See the link below:

Makeup Artistry

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Viva La Glam and Youtube

Viva La Glam was created to allow people to ask questions without judgement as well as to grow their skills and promote themselves as artist too. Viva La Glam is Linda's full-time job. She puts all her time and energy into her glammers. She is always looking for ways to help them acquire the high end makeup she loves. From Too Faced to MAC Cosmetics, she finds the beauty in all of it. She has slowly started to build her youtube tutorials as well. It has been a working process. Her youtube is Makeup By Linda 78 and you can see an eyebrow tutorial below which is always a good place to start! Trust me I know.

Eyebrow Tutorial

Makeup Seminars

As you have probably gathered, Linda loves to help others learn and has gained many followers on Viva La Glam. Recently she hosted her first 2 seminars in Atlanta, GA. It was an amazing experience and everyone regardless of skill level walked away looking amazing. I have watched those individuals simply blossom ever since the seminar. It is crazy how fast everyone has learned and developed. Linda was more than in love with the face to face tutorial. However, she wanted more time to help them perfect the skills so she is doing another seminar in Charleston, SC that will be 3 days long this coming October 2017!

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This is just the Beginning for Linda

I know this is just the beginning for Linda. We will be moving to California in October and she will continue to thrive in her passion. It is truly a passion! She is always welcoming new followers and she is quick to reply to any makeup questions! If you are or want to be a makeup enthusiast be sure to follow the Viva La Glam page and watch for when Linda goes live!

Also, to see more of her amazing work simply follow her on INSTAGRAM at LUNAM2009.

It has been an adventure for me to watch her grow in her skills and her passion! To anyone out there, the first step is taking the first step. Linda did not become the artist that she is today instantly. She worked hard and grew her skill and continues to grow. She is always excited to learn from everyone no matter the skill level.

I am more than excited to go on this journey with her and watch her grow her love and passion! I am so lucky to be married to the best makeup artist in the world!

Makeup Brands

What is your FAVORITE makeup brand or what is your preference?

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© 2017 Krystal


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