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I don’t want to grow up clothes

Updated on August 5, 2013

Play Cloths is a street wear clothing brand that focuses on the production of high quality pieces adaptable to any and all lifestyle.

The brand was founded by Virginia Beach hip-hoppers Clipse. The line started out with mainly t-shirts, but Play Cloths eventually evolved into a clothing line that also offers winter clothes. They offer clothes that mix childhood nostalgia with eccentric fabrics and grown-up cuts to make what they call a fun loving friendly fashion.

Tees include the “I Will Not Play’ tee in a gray color with a sad, sad clown with a dunce cap sitting on a lonely stool. They also have another shirt with a Roos Baseball Henley white shirt with gray sleeves and a ‘P’ logo. These were there two main tees, but they specialized in making t-shirts before they even thought of expanded to other types of clothes.

One day the founders of Play Cloths were thinking many people will feel more comfortable while wearing pants, they decided it is time to make a couple pair of jeans for their line. The jeans included a baggy selvedge type with orang stitching, which was later called the Big Six. This was around the time when the baggy pants style was in among the teens. As one may know this was a very popular item for those who loved the baggy jean look.

Brand History

Play Cloths was founded in 2008, by Clipse, a hip-hop group. Instead of them using a conventional way to promote their clothing line they decided to take a different approach to marketing. They launched a mix tape, “Road to Till The Casket Drops” as their promotion for Play Cloths. This surprisingly worked out in their favor. Play Cloths was selling a lot faster than they anticipated. It turned out to out to be one of the most wanted apparel brands today. Even after all the hype died down the brand was still selling like no tomorrow.

The brand does not support the conforming to traditional style. They love breaking boundaries and embracing one’s own personal style. Play Cloths is a mix of preppy and casual clothes. Lately Play Cloths has an amazing selection of jeans, hoodies, tees, and cardigans. Each piece of clothing has a distinct, premium finish.


Although many musicians make journey out to do their own thing in the fashion business; most of them hardly ever as successful as Play Cloths clothing line. What is unique about Play Cloths they always try and feature a different piece every single season. They love using crazy fabrics that brings out each piece’s design using nothing below premium quality fabrics and materials. Play Cloths loves to provide the neat combination of music and fashion all in one piece.

Sadly everyone has to grow up sometime, except for lucky Peter Pan and the Toys “R” Us kids. Although, lucky for you, you do not have to grow up if you wear Play Cloths. They are the new, fun, clothes with a pinch of childhood nostalgia.


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