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I love virgin hair

Updated on August 14, 2016

Not all virgin hair is expensive. There are a few places you can get quality virgin hair and at considerable price. It’s so awesome to be able to rock hair like celebrities for a decent price. From Cambodian to Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian and Mongolian any type, from lengths twelve inches to thirty inches. You can have so much fun with virgin hair; you can dye it, straighten it, and curl it pretty much anything that you can do with your own hair.

What is virgin hair?

Some of you may be new to virgin hair and ask the question, “What is virgin hair?” Virgin hair is 100% human hair in its natural state; this is hair that hasn’t been processed. It hasn’t been dyed, straightened and no chemicals have been applied. One must be extremely careful when purchasing virgin hair, especially from a Beauty Supply store because not everyone is honest. Two common untruths are the grade of the hair and if it is Remy (processed hair). The highest grades of virgin hair right now are grades 7a, 8a and 11a. Some people would sell you a grade 5a and tell you it is a 7a in effort to get more money. Therefore I urge you to use a trust worthy supplier.

brazillian waterwave
brazillian waterwave

Be careful with lace closures

Now even though you may be a natural hair diva, you may still want to rock virgin hair. However, I would never recommend using a lace closure with the adhesive especially if this hairstyle is going to worn for a long time. A lace closure is very gorgeous when installed but it can be very harmful with the use of the glue. You must be extremely careful when using it, because the constant application of the glue is a major problem. Using this glue for the closure can cause alopecia and skin discolouration after a while and we don’t want that. We want to still look beautiful without our virgin hair. Therefore for you natural hair sweethearts, I would recommend you to do an invisible part or if you have nice curly hair chose a texture of virgin hair that would blend in perfectly. If you are going to use the lace closure you can do so without the adhesive.

hair i did :Brazilian body wave
hair i did :Brazilian body wave

Taking care of your virgin hair

Treating your virgin hair right, even though virgin hair is high quality hair it can still be destroyed and its life span can be shortened if not treated correctly; remember this hair is like your real hair, and like your real hair if you do not treat it right it will become split, it will break, it will tangle and it will become dry. When washing it is best to use sodium free and sulphate free shampoos. Sometimes you can just set your virgin hair in warm water to take out the oils and other stuff that you applied to it and then just go ahead and condition it, you do not have to shampoo it every time. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable. Good leave in conditioners is a must. Olive oil or argon oil is a good product to use on virgin hair but you do not want to use too much to weigh down your virgin hair. Your virgin hair is supposed to be loose and free to blow in the wind.

Be extremely sensitive to who you let install your virgin hair, never use bonding glue on your wefts. The best installation is a sew-in. When styling, heat is your biggest enemy, this can also help to shorten the life span of your hair as well. You do not want to apply too much heat to your virgin hair.

Post installation maintenance

After you have gotten your virgin hair installed you are so excited and fascinated, then it’s time to sleep. Before your sleep you want to brush out your hair with a paddle brush, start with the ends and working your way up to your scalp. If your virgin hair has a curl you section it in two and twist each half, if it is a straight texture you put it up in a loose ponytail. Cover it with your satin cap and you are off to sleep. Never ever go to sleep with your virgin hair loose. In the morning you untwist, brush, shake and go.

Why buy virgin hair?

Virgin hair is an investment and as long as you treat it right it can last up to three years. The most versatile texture though is straight virgin hair, you can wear it straight or you can curl it. Other textures you can choose from are loose wave, body wave, Jerry curl, kinky curly, water wave, natural wave and deep wave.

Have fun with your virgin hair this hair will never disappoint, you can do almost anything with this hair. Find an honest supplier and buy your virgin hair and rock the classy look today.


We love to keep up to date with celebrities and their hairstyle as they rock them on the red carpet. There are so many hot styles that can be very beneficial, giving lots of ideas for your next hairstyle. Here are a few you will love, that were sported by Rihanna

What you would need to achieve these seven styles. Remember we need to use the highest quality 100% virgin hair for those styles that are longer than fourteen inches.

For style 1: For this style you will need three bundles of ten inch kinky curly.

Style 2: You’ll need two bundles of straight virgin hair. This hair must be eight inches. To achieve the colour the hair is bleached and then dyed with a hair dye of your choice. A great coloured dye is sparks. Their colours are very bright and vibrant.

Style 3: Same as style two, you will need the same two bundles of straight virgin hair.

Style 4: Three lovely bundles of loose wave would be great to achieve this style, the inches are 14” 16” 18”. The colour is entirely up to you. You can leave it the natural colour or you can bleach and colour it.

Style 5: For this one three bundles of body wave would be required. Yes most styles would require three bundles. This is 14” 16” 18” as well.

Style 6: Curly and sweet, you will need a 10” closure and a 20” and 22” of deep curl.

Style 7: Long straight hair, now this is my love, 3 bundles of 26”, 28” and 30” straight 100% virgin hair.


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