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I Love Swimwear: The String Bikini

Updated on March 16, 2013

Summertime is for Bikinis

The summer sun and warm days draw people to the water and the beach. Women buy new string bikinis for the new beach and swimming pool season.

Summertime brings out bathing suits of all kinds to beaches around the world. For women the bikini is a mainstay to any summer collection. The bikini comes in a variety of styles, but it’s less about the look and more about personal style. Bikini swimsuits are worn more for sunbathing and relaxing on the beach than for actual swimming.

No Matter Size or Shape, There is a Bikini for Every Women.

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There are so many styles of swimwear to choose from, especially if you are a woman. String bikinis, micro g string bikini, micro thong bikini, sling bikini. With more options than ever, all women regardless of size or shape, can feel stylish wearing swimwear at the pool or on the beach this season.”

One style of the bikini that is popular around the world is the string bikini. It is now considered as among the most fashionable of swimsuits. String bikinis are within the legal decency laws of most countries.

The string bikini is not ideal for every woman’s body. It not only depends on the body type, but because so much of the body is exposed the woman must feel confidant of her body to wear it.

The string bikini is not only sexy and sassy, you will find a wide variety of flattering choices available to you. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a comfortable bikini that fits your style and shape!

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String Bikinis

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