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IPL Hair Removal; the modern day hair removal option

Updated on September 13, 2012

IPL hair removal is the latest technological advancement in the field of hair removal treatment solutions. Whenever you want to get rid of the hair in unwanted places of the body, the confusion starts about what particular product to be used to solve the problem of hair growth. IPL hair removal presents the latest innovation in hair removal products as IPL hair removal products are somewhat different to the normal laser beam hair removal technology.

IPL hair removal is the short name for the Intense Pulsed Laser hair removal technology, which can be used safely in your house and also convenient for personal use. IPL hair removal process is based on the light pulse technology which acts like the laser beam or the heat hair treatments, but considered as more useful, effective and comfortable to use on human skin than the laser or the heat therapies involved. Intense pulsed light energy was first being introduced to an effective solution for unwanted hair removal and hair growth problems as this technological advancement shown thorough efficiency in removing unwanted hair from different body parts along with the beard.

In the year 1996, first IPL technology involved hair removal product for personal use arrived in the market and in a very short time span the product gained much of hype and reputation both. From the individual user experiences it was stated that no other products with such capability was available and certainly the society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery approved the product as a legal one. Though the product was not being cleared to use the phrase of ‘permanent hair removal” as till date this very capability of the IPL technology has not been proved medically. From the year of first introduction the product using the IPL technology for hair removal has been acclaimed by many individuals who were trying to find a convenient hair removal product for themselves

What is IPL or Intense Pulse Light Theory?

IPL or the intense pulse light is basically high serge of intensified light pulses actuating for the hair removal conveniently. More over the basic principle regarding the use of IPL or intense pulsed light is little different from the working principle of laser lights used of hair removal treatment. A burst of light or whole spectrums of all the colors are intensified by an electrical pulse. The burst of the light is so deigned to be intensified by the electric pulse so that it forms a wave of light of specific wavelength. This wavelength affects the strength of the hair follicle base and removes hair. In simple words the burst of the light spectrum damages the hair follicle same as a laser beam and removes unwanted hair from that particular portion of human skin.

IPL hair removal product has been acclaimed as the most efficient technology for permanently hair removal or reduction option. Different machines consisting of the intensified pulse light has been developed and reintroduced from time to time from the manufacturers for this very technological innovation regarding hair removal solution was a true revolution in medical history.


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