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IPSY December Glam Bag Review

Updated on December 16, 2015

Hello Again

I have missed you!! I'm sorry, I haven't been around, things have been crazy! Holiday season!! It's almost, Christmas and I haven't finished my shopping. Anyone else have that problem? I need help getting my boyfriend something! It's not about gifts, I KNOW! I just, want to get him something he'd actually like. Maybe make up? HAHA! Or is that me? I sure would like that!


December Glam Bag

This month the products, game in a smaller then normal red cosmetic bag. It's still cute, and I enjoy different sometimes! Red, for Christmas so, I'll take it!

POWER OF LOVE lipstick (tender heart) This is a full size item and sales for $10 dollars so, boom just paid for my bag!! This is a vegan and animal cruelty free product! I LOVEEEE that! I only buy cruelty free products! The color, is a light almost, nude color. It made my lips feel super smooth and put moisture back in it! I really love, this new find!!

MODEL CO illusion lip liner/ Another full size product!! YAYA!! This retails for $20! What??? Yes, I'm serious! To be honest, ("because that's what I'm here for") I didn't like the color! It is, to light of a shade for a liner for me. It's a nude and doesn't really show up well.

BE A BOMBSHELL eye liner (wild child/black)/ Another full size, are you kidding?? Seems this, retails for around $14 dollars. This completely left me feeling flat! Doesn't go on dark, takes a lot to really become even and black, all around the eye. I was so, excited to try this and just wasn't impressed.

MARC ANTHONY HYDRATING COCONUT OIL CONDITIONING TREATMENT/ This is a sample size. The bigger size retails for only around $6 dollars. So, not bad! I did like this and seemed to put some shine and condition in my hair.

CLARK'S BOTANICLS DEEP MOISTURE MASK/ This is another, sample size. The regular size, is $72 dollars. WOWS!!!! Better, have gold in it! HAHA! My face, did feel and look smooth and moisturized!! I would, love to try this more but, I would't spend $72 dollars.

Over all, I was happy with my bag!!! Definitely got my moneys worth!!

Comments And Questions

I am in no way paid by any cosmetic company to write reviews! I enjoy testing and reviewing products, if you have any question please feel free to ask! I love to hear any feed back!

Thank you



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