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Ideas for creating your own headpieces for flower girls

Updated on July 4, 2011

Homemade ideas are unique

A wedding is a delightful event for families and friends to unite and celebrate the love of two people they respect and care for. These events should be perfect because they hold such a deep meaning for the many who attend. A wedding marks the beginning of a new life and two families coming together. Memories held from a wedding will be cherished forever. From the venue, to the photographs to the headpieces worn by the flower girls.

Creating your own design and ideas of headpieces for the flower girls at a wedding to wear is a unique idea and will make for a very different and special wedding day. The role a flower girl plays is very important to them and is a moment in their life they are proud of. Why not create something to make them feel even more beautiful and special than ever before?

As long as you have some materials, great ideas and patience then you are sure to make some successful designs that guests will fall head over heels for.

Designs of headpieces to think about

It is a wonderful idea to have a different design to the headpieces that are normally worn by flower girls across the world. There is something that little bit more special about including your own creation on the big day. Experiment with an array of designs and find out what the flower girls adore the most and feel comfortable in. They will probably want to keep all of the designs!

It is easier than you may think to conjure up some ideas and begin creating some flower girl headpieces. Draw your designs on a piece of paper and label what materials are what. Find out where you can purchase these materials from for a good price and begin to experiment with different arrangements, colours and patterns.

The vital materials you will need to complete this task will be:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Patterned or floral tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Materials to make it look stunning

Materials to use for a beautiful headpiece

The best choice for the base of a headpiece would be to buy a cheap headband. Basic headbands will be the best to use but ensure they are wide enough to place materials on and create a fantastic design. Pick out different types of flowers, different sizes and colours that can be included in the headpiece. Ensure to keep in mind what floral display will be presented at the wedding as you do not want to clash!

Feathers are a great idea. They are different and far from the usual headpiece. However if arranged correctly and chopped down to size they create an elegant headpiece that looks feminine and brilliant. Feathers tend to look attractive alongside coloured beads and sequins. Wire can be placed around the basic headband to allow other materials such as ribbon, silk and small flower designs to be implemented into the overall design.

Once you begin designing your headpiece ideas you may get carried away! That is absolutely fine, but always remember to double check what the colour theme and design of the wedding will be. Create a unique headpiece but make sure it fits in with the rest of the wedding.

Have fun and show me what you can come up with!

Take a trip to your local store where you may find assorted beads that you can add to your homemade headpieces for flower girls. You will be surprised at what will look brilliant together.


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    • BethanRose profile image

      BethanRose 6 years ago from South Wales

      Thanks both for your great comments! I am glad you enjoyed my article, I look forward to continue reading both of yours!:)

    • profile image

      UrsulaRose 6 years ago

      Enjoyed reading this Hub Article. It brought back many memories of my special day many years ago when I hand-made a variety of "stuff" that was to be on show that day.

      Thanks for the follow and I am only too happy to follow you and look forward to reading many more of your hub articles. :-)

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 6 years ago from East Coast, United States

      Hi - I just did the flowers for a wedding last week but did not do the flower girl's headpiece. It would be so much fun!