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Ideas to Make Your Own Feather Earrings - Brown and Turquoise

Updated on September 5, 2010

These earrings are so easy to make.

First cut some kind of semi-stiff fabric into tear-drop shapes.

Next, hot glue different layers of feather onto your material.  Use your creative imagination as to which feathers to use.  Make the feathers all the same or use different ones like I did here.

Before you get to the top, hot glue a piece of floral or jewelry wire with a loop at the top, where you plan to add your earring hooks.

Continue gluing down feathers.

Add a jewel or button or any kind of bead or piece of costume jewelry to the top.

Add earring hooks to the loop.

I also glued long feathers on the back to cover up my fabric and also to complete the earring, since with earrings this big, the back will be viewable.


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      laila 6 years ago

      I love your earrings! I have just started thinking about making some when I bought a laliberi hair accesori kit that had a feather for a hair clip. I looked at Michaels and AC Moore but did not see feathers quite as nice as yours. Rather fluffy ones at AC moore and long...will have to maybe find a hobby lobby. Thanks for sharing!