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If Only Nike Made Stilettos

Updated on March 21, 2010

Stilettos Are Not My Friend

Once reserved for "working girls" and strippers, the stiletto has found new respect among fashionistas everywhere. I wish I could easily and readily adapt this style but with a fashion sense once described as "one combat boot away from being a lesbian," I think the world of high fashion will survive without my contribution.

Fashion Senseless

So one of the things that REALLY makes me feel old and not hip is my shoe collection. I love boots and sneakers. My closet floor is scattered with harley boots, cowboy boots, running shoes, hiking boots and a pair of gray Converse with pink shoelaces.

For good measure and the occasional need to dress up, I have a pair of dress shoes and even a pair of strappy heels. But I have never--until my recent foray into stripper pole school--owned anything that could remotely be referred to as a stiletto.

I don't know a Jimmy Choo from a Manolo Blahnik but I do know that no matter what label these sky high shoes carry, they cannot carry my impossibly clumsy self more than a few feet without the very real danger of a twisted ankle. I also have no grace in these tortuous contraptions and usually manage to look like a stumbling chicken on its way to slaughter.

I envy (and slighty despise) the girls that wear the 4+ inch heels the way I wear my sneakers. Tipping through the mall, down public streets, strutting all day at work or perusing the aisles of a store.

Until now I never really cared, although I do enjoy laughing at the ones who cannot walk in them properly. But I have a husband now. He is 11 years younger (yes that makes me a cougar) and I am painfully aware that he likes this fashion statement. So, I do now own a pair of rhinestone-encrusted stilettos, which I will admit are quite sexy. He swears he doesnt expect me to wear them on a regular basis. I swear I will wear them at least once. In public. Some day. (Mission accomplished Saturday night, 3/20/10)!

If Nike made a pair of stilettos that met my comfort needs and his prurient desires, I would buy a pair tomorrow and happily prance around in them all day.


Who Knew?
It's funny how things work. I originally wrote and posted this article on another blog a few weeks ago. I was reading a magazine the other day, and discovered that traditional shoe companies are in fact producing comfort stilettos.

And these are not the high heel sneakers favored by hoochies everywhere, they are fashion forward, respectable shoes made by the likes of Cole Haan, which has an entire line featuring NIKE AIR Technology.

Guess the hubby and I both have something to look forward to.


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    • profile image

      motorvations 7 years ago


    • Mental Ink profile image

      Mental Ink 7 years ago from Metro Atlanta

      You are SO right stricktlydating, some of them get so outrageously high, I don't know how ANYONE can walk in them. And if you can't walk well you shouldn't be wearing them because it only makes you looks worse.

      I'll post a follow-up when I try a pair of the Haans.

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 7 years ago from Australia

      I love high-heels, I own too many to count... But when I put my heels on I want to be able to run, dance and relax without worrying about doing myself any injury (or getting blisters etc) so I steer clear of Stiletto's - though it's so tempting to buy them here in Australia at the moment they are making them so gorgeous and affordable and in every colour... But what's the point of buying them if you literally can't walk in them! I think they're making them far too high lately, and I stick to a moderate size heel.

    • Mental Ink profile image

      Mental Ink 7 years ago from Metro Atlanta

      Yeah, I was never a fan of the clunky heels or espedrilles, et al. Cole Haan should be available at Dillards, Neiman Marcus, Macy's I think, etc. I am going thi week to check them out.

      And I guess for Wyoming, Patagonia chic is kinda cool!

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      I loved stilettos when I was younger, then they went out of style -- all I could find were clunky heels. Now they are back, and higher than ever! I tried on several pairs the other day, and couldn't find a single pair that would fit! I'll have to check out Cole Haan. Never heard of it before, but I am sure some store in the area sells them. Sports dressy is top style around here (read Patagonia gowns and skirts).

    • Mental Ink profile image

      Mental Ink 7 years ago from Metro Atlanta

      Thanks Jayne! Nice to hear from someone who's familiar with Cole Haan.

      I've had back surgery already so believe me, my whole body appreciates the lack of heels in my closet.

    • Jayne Lancer profile image

      Jayne Lancer 7 years ago from West London, UK

      Love your "one combat boot away from being a lesbian". Never heard that one before!

      Anyway, your back will thank you later in life for not wearing the 4+ inch heels. Very high heels aren't a 'must'.

      And yes, the Cole Haan shoes are well worth looking at; good that women's real 'needs' are, at last, being taken seriously.

      Enjoyed the read!