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If You Have The Figure, ViX Swimwear Has The Knockout Brazilian Bikini For You!

Updated on March 20, 2011

ViX Swimwear Is Incredibly Sexy!

 ViX swimwear offers a beautiful collection of swimwear in a number of styles, tastes and colors. This unique line of swimwear is designed by ViX swimwear founder Paula Hermanny. Her company, whose designs are influenced by the gorgeous beaches of Brazil, was founded in 1998 and focuses on providing specially cut ViX swimwear in stunning designs and vibrant colors.

ViX swimwear has several collections of bathing suits, each one designed with a certain look or body type in mind. The different fits of swimwear bottoms include BR coverage, moderate coverage and full coverage. With a low rise and minimal rear coverage, the BR fit is the skimpiest style of ViX swimwear.

Sheena Bandeau Ring and Sheena Bottom. A mere $200!
Sheena Bandeau Ring and Sheena Bottom. A mere $200!

ViX Swimwear Comes In A Variety Of Styles

 Full coverage offers a more conservative and modest fit with minimal rear exposure. Moderate coverage falls in between with a fit that's somewhat revealing but demure. Each style of ViX swimwear for body types is designed to flatter or enhance your tummy, bust or hips.

The entire line of ViX swimwear is made from a special blend of fibers called Xtra Life Lycra that provides comfort and freedom of movement. This resilient fabric offers a long lasting fit that will not sag and an elasticity that flatters your form and silhouette.

Ditsy Loop Top and Ruffle Bottom. A bargain at $150!
Ditsy Loop Top and Ruffle Bottom. A bargain at $150!

ViX Swimwear Is For Young & Beautiful Women

ViX swimwear is definitely not the type of swimwear for women that ladies who are in the market for Miraclesuit swimwear or other forms of shape hiding ladies swimwear such as one piece swimwear would be interested in on the way to shopping for baby swimwear. ViX swimwear is for women who have magnificent bodies and love to flaunt them!

On the heels of the trend setting ViX swimwear 2007 and ViX swimwear 2008 models, the 2009 collection of swimwear by ViX has been widely lauded to be the best in the history of ViX swimwear com. Some of the famous ViX designer lines such as the Hermanny by ViX swimwear and Sofia swimwear by ViX incorporate exquisite design flair with the traditional state of the art quality and appeal that can be found in any ViX swimwear promo. I would side with most savvy and tasteful ViX customers who when they go to buy ViX swimwear tend to gravitate to the ViX Hermanny swimwear. It's gorgeous!

Solid Loop Top and Black Gem. Only $140!
Solid Loop Top and Black Gem. Only $140!

Celebrities Love ViX Swimwear

 Some of the ViX bestsellers include a sunset yellow one piece with ruffles, a solid black one piece with a daring V front, and a reversible tube top with matching bottoms available in a rainbow of colors and assortment of prints. The choice of stunning colors is unlimited!

ViX swimwear also offers a dazzling array of light beach coverups and sundresses, perfect for keeping you cool in the hot summer sun.

ViX swimwear is an elegant line of bathing suits designed for all women of any age or size. These swimsuits are so popular you'll even find famous celebrities sporting them in magazines like "Star", "In Touch" and "Cosmopolitan". So pick up ViX swimwear today and be one of the hottest ladies on the beach!

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