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The Origins of Fashion

Updated on April 13, 2012


the word's derivative comes from the concept of copying others. You make your personal image in the fashion of a certain view point. From this stand point everything is fashion. Nothing is really new. The only way to extract a fashion trend is to extract that part of the human heart from whence that fashion trend sprung. Fashion as a topic is way too complex to deal with in broad strokes. I suppose, however I am going to rush in and do just that or give you a taste of this concept all the same. Fashion changes by nation and sometimes by neighborhood. The more accustomed I have become to the fashion world in my pursuit of my art, the less stock i put in people's use of the word fashion.

Usually when someone says fashion they are talking about local trends started or perpetuated by local concerns. Baggy pants, even the kind that road down were gang influenced and made popular by the drug soaked eighties' and the music videos of the time. The funny thing about fashion is, that it is like describing clouds. At a distance even the simplest person can identify one or at least form the word to describe their idea of one. When you get closer to white and fluffy vapor, however, no two are alike and some clouds aren't made of the same stuff. Anyone of a scientific mindset would want to classify the concept of "cloud" but in doing so finds that no one cares. The masses may fain interest but they will go on calling every white puffy formation of gas or whatever, a cloud. They may know differently but it saves time.

For the masses, fashion seldom comes right to them off the run way. Most people are not as bulimic as the poor girls on the run way. Many designers are changing this error in the requirements of models. It's about time. America's Next Top Model did a lot to change many things about how the world view models and modeling. Still, most women wouldn't dream of wearing the cloths those girls wear.

Face it, even a healthy model working for a good agency cares more for his or her body then the average layman. Bottom line, most people cannot see themselves in the frills and frocks of the yard. Only Gaga seems to be garish enough to recreate such things literally. So, fashion has to trickle down further in order to meet them. It needs simplification. It needs to become more vulgar. Enter, music videos and rock concerts. Even TV producers and their ungainly child stars who get warped by them have more pull in fashion for the masses then the run way.

But those who pervert fashion for the masses are at the fashion shows.
So what is fashion? It all is. Are there some who wish that were not the case? Sure. But until I am in better shape I am going to have to buy my frocks at a perverted Walmart. I may even go to the red lighted T.J. Max or the White Church district of Burlington. I find myself one of the few in the masses who cares which cloud is which but as you may or may not, I thought you aught to have a taste of the origins.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thank you Genna East and twolittlehands, for enjoying this little romp through the basics.

    • twolittlehands profile image


      7 years ago from Utah

      I like to think of creating a style of my own, but it is mostly in my dreams, as I am, also, sadly out of shape! I enjoyed your hub. I have thought a lot about this subject, and you hit several points I have often pondered.

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      I loved this hub! Fashion sense is not tied to the size 0 or 2 on the runway; this is merely an artform of entertainment. Up and interesting. :-)

    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      The way you write and express yourself, maven, no one would ever accuse you of being of the masses. The word as I use it refers to a statistical mean of behavior that you by your own admission try assiduously to avoid partaking in.

      Malin it is always a pleasure to amuse you.

    • maven101 profile image


      7 years ago from Northern Arizona

      As one of your " masses " I tend to be anti-fashion...That is, I refuse to follow trends and pop-culture dress codes...Making fashion statements is indicative of personal insecurity and a cry for attention...

      The spectacle of 50-60 year old balding men with a pathetic ponytail, gold earring, soul patch, and a pot-bellied Chambray shirt tucked into over-tight Levis, is a common sight as that generation tries mightily to retain its youth...

      Give me a pair of cords, ball cap, tee shirt and sneakers and I'm good to go...

      Voted up and interesting...Thanks, Larry

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 

      7 years ago

      Fun and Interesting Hub Jaggedfrost...Fashion is also having the common sense to know what really looks good on you, regardless of the current trend. Fashion Shows are just that...more Entertainment, and an Ideas that you can take to your Favorite Discount Store and experiment with.


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