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I'm Remembering Baby Caylee Anthony My Way Though I Never Knew Her

Updated on August 14, 2011

Everyone for me being a jeweler is very important to me, and the fact that I adorn photos of adults and children with genuine and synthetic gemstones gives me the freedom to express my feelings on many subjects in the world today.

After the trial concerning baby Caylee Anthony, I saw the anger, hurt, and dismay of the public once the verdict was read concerning the mother of Caylee Anthony, so I decided to do something in honor of this beautiful young girl that no one has ever done before for her.

I adorned the left ear of baby Caylee Anthony with a genuine .10 carat G - color, VS - clarity round diamond, then framed it to hang on the wall. I am currently looking for a worthy organization to donate it to that deals with missing and murdered children, and should they put this photo up for auction I want all of the proceeds to go to them to help their efforts in finding other missing and murdered children in the world.

I love looking at this photo as well, because it really shows just how beautiful baby Caylee Anthony was, but she never got the opportunity to find this out due to her tragic death. I hope you like this photo just as much as I do, and i've gotten many emails from people asking me if I could adorn someone they love with a genuine diamond then frame it for them, and my answer is yes, but all depends upon the photo you have of your loved one.

I want to make this idea available for everyone who would like to have a photo of their loved one adorned with either a genuine diamond or a synthetic gemstone, to hang on your wall as well. Regardless of whether your loved one is still alive or deceased and I do feel my gem studded photos will last a lifetime.

If you would like a photo of yourself or someone you love adorned with a genuine diamond or synthetic gemstone, just let me know and we can work together to get you a beautiful gem studded photo as well.

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