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Imitation Jewellery: Why it’s Every Girl’s Favourite

Updated on December 19, 2016

Imitation vs Precious Jewellery

She liked books, she was sensitive and could be shy at times. On the other hand, she loved going out, meeting people and making friends though she needed her time when it came to letting people close to her, even those she liked. Take, for instance, her new roommate. She seemed sweet and all that, but there was always that fear of opening up and letting people close to her. Nora cinched the belt of her dress and opened her box of imitation jewellery. Having real precious jewellery was a no-no when you are in a hostel. The time she lost her gold chain last year was the last that she would ever take a chance of storing real jewellery in her room.

No matter whether it was for an ordinary day at college or a marriage ceremony, imitation jewellery was all that Nora wore. Though she missed her jewellery set at first, she soon found that she began to enjoy shopping for imitation jewellery online. And since they were not as expensive as real jewellery, she could indulge in the enjoyment of shopping for imitation jewellery online more often.

"Hey, you have a nice collection"!!!!

"Hey, you have a nice collection," came her new roommate's voice from behind. Nora turned around and smiled. The new girl seemed bubbly and sweet. Perhaps the two of them could be good friends. She imagined late nights on their bunk beds, chatting and sharing stories about past boyfriends. Perhaps it would be fun.

"This is my entire collection of accessories," she said, pointing to her assortment of earrings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and bracelets in artificial gold, silver, diamond and other stones. "Feel free to pick anything that you like."

She watched her roommate's face light up. "Really, oh thank you so much. I have a lot of interviews with different companies lined up this week. I wouldn't mind decking up and looking better," she said as she took a look at some of her studs.

“In that case,” she said, opening her box of large and small studs, rings, sleek bracelets and pendants watching the girl’s face light up at the range of imitation jewellery from gold to silver to other colorless and colored stones. She smiled and picked a diamond pendant and stud stud set, holding it to her to see how it looked. The sparkle of the jewellery went wonderfully well with the color of her eyes. She noticed that this girl was pretty. She opened her small closet of party wear jewellery that she just arranged, picking a pair of large silver rings and holding them to her roomie’s ears. This girl needed a makeover, with everything from clothes to jewellery. She was glad that she was staying with her.

Why it’s Every Girl’s Favourite

If you have never indulged in the joy of shopping for imitation jewellery online, then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Here are some of the things that make it not just fun to shop for but also very convenient.

1. It is inexpensive - So you can afford to have a large collection, unlike precious and semi-precious jewellery.

2. It is easier to maintain - Unlike precious jewellery, you really don’t have to have a locker for all your fashion jewellery. You can place it out in the open as a colorful display.

3. Variety makes it more fun - Again, browsing through imitation jewellery online is more fun with the range of colors that it comes in, unlike precious jewellery that is available in just a few hues.

Try out shopping for imitation jewellery online and you are going to love it simply because of the options available from different brands. Before you know it, you are going to have a stylish and colorful collection in your room.

Loved the collection of Earrings

Never in their five years of living together had any of the five friends woken up before the sun rose, not even for the most important exams. It felt funny with all the four of them now showered and almost dressed. Dalia was checking out the huge holder of earrings the five girls shared, picking earrings in different designs and holding each of them up to her ear alternatively, checking them before her in the mirror. If there was one thing that all the five girls shared a fascination for, it was jewellery with earrings topping the list. At the corner of the room was a large slab of thermocol with earrings for girls in different designs and styles. There were large jhumkas, tiny studs, elegant hoops, funky hanging designs and so much more. There were earrings in an assortment of colors from fashion to semi-precious jewellery. Precious jewellery was something they couldn’t risk having in their room or even wearing outside as all the five girls returned home late from work. ‘It was going to be four of them from now,’ thought Dalia sadly.

Best Collection of Earrings Online

“I already miss her,” she commented to Anita, who stood before the mirror in a cream colored Anarkali suit, brushing her long flowing hair.

“There goes Dalia, the drama queen,” commented Suzy. “She’s almost next door, you can visit her every weekend.”

Dalia sighed. Perhaps she was being too sensitive, but even then she wondered why her roommates didn’t share the same feeling she was going through. Ranjitha had always been the life of the house, the one behind all the madness, the one who could tickle someone to laughter even when in the worst of moods. Life in this room was not going to be the same without her. Staying with someone for a long time made it hard to see the person go, even though she had to look happy today. It was her roommate’s marriage.

She picked a pair of large gold hoops to go with the heavy Anarkali suit she was wearing. She laughed at the memory of when she and Ranjitha had ordered the earrings online, along with a large number of earrings for girls.

She was so engrossed with her magazine that she wasn’t aware of what was going on in the parlour. It was only when she heard a scream that she looked up to have the shock of her life. Ranjitha had fallen asleep, as usual, with the movement of the scissors on her head, and the beautician had confused her hairstyle for a bob. The two girls looked at all those long locks of hair on the floor and began by shaking their heads. This was followed by endless laughter.

“How on Earth am I going to go around with this hairstyle?” she asked Dalia, on their way back home.

“Don’t worry,” Dalia shook her head. “Let’s go home and browse through some earrings for girls online.”

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