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Impetigo Journey P1.

Updated on November 2, 2017

Honey Colored Crust

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Impetigo crust
Impetigo crust
Impetigo crust | Source

When I first started noticing the dry patches


Let's start at the beginning.

A few months before I the Impetigo I went to the derm for my acne.I had been experiencing an unbearable amount of whiteheads mainly around my mouth and chin. I found it odd considering I had never gotten whiteheads just black heads on my nose,and cysts near my time of the month. Nothing I was applying topically was working on them so my derm decided to put me on Minocycline and a gentle cleansing routine. She also prescribed Differin, but I am without insurance and that simply wasn't in the budget.

A few months of the Minocycline and my skin was clearing up. I wouldn't pop the whiteheads, but every morning morningI'd get a new one which was really frustrating.I just wanted clear (acne and scar) skin.

I was ordering the Minocycline from this company in Arizona which delivered the medicationd cheap for $20, however the customer service sucked (a story of it's own) and I decided to part ways with them.

My next doctors appointment I informed my doctor I would like to work with another pharmacy and she told me when I was ready I could go to one around the corner from the office which could with my "situation". A month passed before I actually went to them because I thought "Hey, my skin is clear now I just to continue eating clean and keep my skin clean"

In that month the whiteheads started again, but I could pop them without them refilling 5 minutes afterward and would stay gone after I washed etc.

acne + impetigo
acne + impetigo | Source

I'm thinking I need to moisturize more, so I start wearing moisturizing face masks to bed.

After I exfoliated and moisturized the area.

The day of my anniversary I was upset because the right side of my face looked flaky.

My boyfriend and I were walking around the mall and I start buying moisturizing creams and exfoliators, anything I believe will help my skin. Everyone I make eye contact with is giving pity looks.

I was so embarrassed I started rubbing the flakiness of with a paper towel in the car. My skin started to ooze a clear liquid. I could smell the horrible puss so I keep paper towels up to my face.

We get to the fanciest restaurant I've ever been i and the right side of my face is covered in yellow crust. I wanted to puke.

I found it all bearable once I got home and in the shower. I thought my nightmare was over.

Next morning I wake up to dark scaring. My skin breaking.

I call out from work and go straight to the derm. I get my diagnoses and they so kindly gave me Acticlate pill samples to last a week and prescribe Mupirocin ointment from the Pharmacist I was suppose to go to in the first place. I race there when I get the call my medication is ready.

I get home, take the pill and bury myself under the covers. It was unfortunate since I had relatives visiting from overseas and I stayed clammed up majority of the time they were here.

My skin was so tight I could barely eat. My only solace was in a hot shower.


A few days passed and the crusting stopped.

Two weeks and my skin is clearing up from scarring as well.

My boyfriend and I decide to go on a spur of the moment vacation and it was perfect!

As you can see there are some scars and whiteheads, but in that moment I was happy and confident again.

How I got the infection in the first place I will never know.

P.2 coming soon


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