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Importance of Red in Indian Wedding Ghagra Cholis

Updated on May 13, 2010

Indian Weddings:

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. Especially for indian families, the planning and savings for a wedding start as soon as a girl is born. And when the occasion does get close, one of the most important decisions to make after deciding on the groom is the Wedding Dress.

There are different kinds of wedding dresses that the bride wears in India depending on the region that she belongs to. But the most popular of all these days is the Ghagra Choli. While wedding sarees are still in tradition these days, the modern woman of today’s India prefers wearing bridal ghagra cholis that very well imitates the traditional wedding sarees with its skirt for the body of the saree, choli that is very much like the blouse and the big and broad dupatta that fulfills the roles of the pallu of a saree. Apart from maintaining the heritage that indian weddings have been following for centuries, the bridal ghagra cholis also bring in a new level of elegance, dignity and a sense of independence in the bride.

Importance of Red Color in Indian Bridal Wear:

Indians celebrate weddings for multiple days.  The ceremony begins with Mehendi, Tilak, Sangeeth, Baraat, Wedding then followed by a formal reception.  The most important ceremony is the wedding when the bride and bride groom unite as a pair.  And for this occasion women in most parts of India wear a red bridal dress, be it a saree or ghagra choli.  This is because Red color is considered very auspicious in the hindu religion.  It also stands for many meanings like Love, Courage, Beauty, Strength etc.

Red Bridal Ghagra Choli

Red Bridal Ghagra Choli
Red Bridal Ghagra Choli
Bridal Ghagra Choli Design
Bridal Ghagra Choli Design
Choli Design of Indian Wedding Ghagra Choli
Choli Design of Indian Wedding Ghagra Choli
Dupatta Design of Red Wedding Ghagra Choli
Dupatta Design of Red Wedding Ghagra Choli
Sequins and Kundan work of heavy bridal ghagra choli
Sequins and Kundan work of heavy bridal ghagra choli

Shop for Bridal Ghagra Cholis:

Shopping for a Wedding Dress is an important part of the wedding preparation. A considerable chunk of the wedding budget is set apart for the wedding dress. Depending on the overall budget of the wedding, people spend from $500 to $5000 on a wedding dress. While one reason for spending this kind of money is because of the exclusiveness of the dress that they buy, the most common reason is because retailers selling bridal wear know that people come with a mindset to spend money on bridal wear. So they sky rocket the price than what it is really worth just to give the grand and special feeling for the dress. Two things happen here. The seller makes 200 to 300% margin on those already expensive outfits and the buyer ends up a huge amount of his or her hard earned money on an outfit that they could have bought for lot better prices.

Tip for finding Bargains:

Unless you are determined to spend the money you have alloted for the bridal dress, a good way to shop for indian bridal wear is to check out smaller stores first. Small stores don’t necessarily have a huge collection. But they may have the dress that could exactly match your imagination for a price that would be lot lower than the expensive fancy stores next street. One thing to remember is that the price of any product depends on the overall operating costs of the seller. The higher the seller’s operational costs the higher the product price, not because the product is any different from a small store. As you go up the ladder and check out more expensive stores, you can then judge the quality and designs of different sellers at huge price differences.


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    • kkbunnylover profile image


      8 years ago

      there dresses are so pretty but i can see the diffrent between are weddings and theres good info too. (comment on me)


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