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Impressive tattoos----No Regrets

Updated on May 1, 2014

While tattoo can be awesome & beautiful, it can also be hideous and make you embarrass. In this hub I will tell you what to keep in mind before you get a tattoo, how to pick a tattoo design, how to select a tattoo artist and how to maintain it the tattoo designs.

There may be much reason for you to have a tattoo For example: You want to piss off your parents. You want to look a tough guy. Your company has tattoos and you alone. You want to profess your undying love to your new girlfriend via ink on your skin .You want to be cool. Etc

I have seen so many bad tattoos —. I know a guy who went somewhere “cheap” to get this tattoo design and he got a tattoo that is so-so. My point is; getting a tattoo which doesn’t suck isn’t that easy. Here are some points you keep in mind before you go for a tattoo on you skin.


here? Neck—Arm---Shoulders??
My suggestion (at least for a first tattoo) is that you should get it somewhere which doesn’t disturb in work. A tattoo below the wrists or above the neck is not good; remember that people mostly judge someone with a tattoo and the tattoo designs. My friend is thinking of getting his knuckles tattooed and I am afraid the day he has to go to court for a traffic violation or travels internationally; what going to be of him.

Money Does Matter…

The second thing you need to keep in mind before you get a tattoo is your pocket. Fist plan with your artist the tattoo, tattoo designs and the money. After this get the tattoo.


Tattoo Design….No idea??
Almost all tattoo artists have many tattoo designs in a diary called flash art up on their walls which you can pick from. If you are not sure of your tattoo design, try to make a list of things which suit your desire (aesthetic or otherwise). If you can find tattoos pictures of the things you like, print them out and take them to your tattoo artist. This will be helpful.

I suggest that if you’re getting a tattoo that has some foreign language on it, make sure you check with a native speaker to ensure it says what you think it does!You may also Google for the tattoo ideas. I personally like a website that has a thousands of 3-D and tribal tattoos. I always pick the tattoo design from there. You may also like it.

Get a good Tattoo Artist:

Look around. Find at Bmezine and search for artists in your area. Get help online, ask your friends, then go into the shops and talk to the people who work there. Ask to see their portfolios -------the flash on the wall is usually purchased from another company & is in no way indicative of their talent. A good tattoo artist needs to social skills (i.e., not make you feel like a chump), be professional, polite & talented. If you find a tattoo artist you like, make an appointment for a consultation, and share your ideas for your tattoo.

A small precaution:

One of my friend got his back tattooed. Came back and he got lot of cheers of his tattoo but know what?? He was sick of the tattoo soon. Why?? He told me “I can’t see it when fellows adore it” So he then got it removed. Bad move…..So getting appreciation isn’t enough, yourself needs to be proud. So let the tattoo visible to your eyes….and cheer up.


How to Get a Tattoo : How to Decide on Tattoo Designs


Does it hurt?
Yes, but not much. Some areas (on top of bone, for example) hurt more than others, but it’s pretty bearable. If you’re conscious about it, try taking some Tylenol beforehand. The best thing to do is concentrate on breathing slowly. It also helps to think about other things than a needle in your arm — keep talking to a friend if you want, or with your tattoo artist

How does it look??
Different tattoo artists have different aftercare methods, so do whatever your tattoo artist tells you to do. Basically, while it’s healing, keep it moisturized and do not pick at it! Say “No” to swimming, don’t sit in a sauna or expose your new tattoo to sunlight. It will slow down the process of healing and can cause infections.

Make your tattoo long lasting:
Oh yes you got your tattoo now…..but going in sun?? Hold on….do not expose your tattoo to sun. Do not forget to apply sun blocks on your tattoo or your beautiful tattoo will fade and expire soon.


A final WARNING:

If your tattoo is on a place that it is visible to other people, they would think it OK to touch you ask inane questions. Get used to it. They are going to say “Is it real??” and then come their opinion. You got to deal with it and good luck.


  • Please share your information about the topics related with the issue of tattoos....Take care..!!


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