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Improve Your Confidence With Hair Extensions

Updated on August 5, 2013

So What Was It That Had Caused This Transformation?

Hair Extensions, That;s What!

So I walked out of the salon feeling a million dollars and I was really surprised at how good the hair of my dreams had made me feel.

I had avoided them for a long time believing that somehow they could not appear totally natural and also that they damage your hair. How wrong I was. Three years later, with my natural hair now having reached my desired length, I still keep a few in to improve the volume and hold styling. No more bad hair days for me! Friends and family are amazed at just how natural it looks.

Types of hair extensions

There are lots of different methods and techniques for inserting hair extensions from temporary to permanent. The three main techniques are clip-in, bonding and weaving.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-ins or clip-ons are temporary. The hair extension comes with a clip and each clip can contain two to eight strips of hair. The hair is sectioned horizontally starting at the nape of the neck and the clip gently snapped into place.

These cannot be slept in but are ideal for special occasions. Many a bride has used them to augment her crowning glory on her special day.

Bonded hair extensions

This is the technique I opted for. 'Bonds' comprise lengths of hair which have a glue bond at one end. Modern technology has come on leaps and bounds and good 'glues' are keratin based - which is the natural substance that human hair is made from. They are designed not to damage your real hair.

The hair extension is 'glued' using a machine that melts the bond onto a small section of your natural hair. There are two sorts of hair bonds - ones which are re-usable i.e. they can be re-inserted or those that are 'one time only' i.e. as they grow out you need to remove them and insert new ones.

These extensions can be worn as 'normal' hair - you can wash and style them just as you would normal hair. However, they 'grow out' as the hair they are attached to grows and so need careful maintenance.

'Weave' hair extensions

There are various techniques used for 'weaving' hair into your own natural hair. The most popular method is where your natural hair is 'braided' and then hair extensions are sewn in. These are the longest lasting type of hair extensions as they grow out very slowly.

The disadvantage is you cannot wash and style as normal hair, but then again your hair remains in the perfect style you've had woven in.

Cost of hair extensions

The cost of hair extensions varies enormously depending on the technique and type of hair used as well as the length of time needed to insert them. A full head of top quality human hair extensions can cost upwards of £500 for 100 plus bonds.

Fantasy hair doesn't come cheap! However, you have various options at differing costs depending on what you want to achieve.
Most of the cost is related to the quality of the hair used. The two choices are human and synthetic hair. Human hair can also vary in quality - cheaper varieties have been collected in a way that ignores the fall of the hair cuticle which results in hair that matts and tangles very easily.

Good quality human hair ensures that each bond has all the hair cuticles going in the same direction as your natural hair. Synthetic hair tends not to last as long as human hair as it cannot cope with heat and colour in the same way but is cheaper because of that.

Colour of hair extensions

You can also get any colour of hair extension and your hair dresser should do a careful assessment of matching up the colours.

It often works to get two different colours and intersperse these to give your hair a natural variegated look. Some extensions can also be coloured whilst 'in situ' whilst others cannot. It pays to check.

Care of hair extensions

You need to take good care of your extensions - after all they can be a significant investment. It pays to have regular 'check-ups' at your hair dresser and to make sure that your hair is not being damaged or broken by them.

Main causes for broken hair are not combing them properly (if you don't have a weave) and allowing them to 'matt' together - it's essential to get a proper hair extension brush that doesn't catch and pull them out. It's quite normal for some bonded extensions to 'slip out' naturally mainly because the bond has broken for some reason.

If you have the reusable type these can be easily re-inserted at your next appointment.

Fantasy hair of your dreams

As someone who has been 'wearing' hair extensions for over three years now I'm addicted! I couldn't imagine my life (or my hair) without them.


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