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In praise of Palmolive shaving sticks

Updated on September 2, 2014
Stick it to the man...the humble shave stick is a great moneysaver
Stick it to the man...the humble shave stick is a great moneysaver

Save while you shave...

This might sound like an advertising pitch, but it isn’t. Sometimes you just like a product so much that you have to tell everybody about it with evangelical fervour.

The humble product I’m raving about is the Palmolive shaving stick. It’s been available in High Street chemists in Britain for decades, usually gathering dust on a low shelf somewhere, with other products aimed at older men. But this product, in my opinion, should be on the bathroom shelf of every self-respecting frugal gentleman.

Yet recently the Palmolive shave stick has had something of a renaissance. As men rediscover traditional shaving products, the cheap and functional products of yesteryear are making a comeback.

Shaving sites and Youtube videos rave about this product. has dozens of positive reviews, with comments like ‘These little gems last seemingly forever’… ‘the value is unparalleled. These shave sticks are classic, beautiful in their simplicity and give a cleaner, smoother and more predictable shave that most contemporary American shaving foams and gels.’

I tried out one of these sticks a while back and have stuck with it ever since. The scent is clean and fresh, reminiscent of the little green bars of soap that you used to find in the lavatories on British trains until a few years ago. To use, you just wet the stick, rub against your beard, then lather up on your face with your shaving brush. The lather is thick, smooth and creamy with a noticeable moisturising effect, and there’s enough for two passes.

The best thing of all, and this is the reason why I recommend this as a frugal must-have, is how extraordinarily long they last. I have used my first stick for over six months. When it wore down to the little plastic holder, I simply took the stub of soap out and stuck it on the bottom of my shaving mug, and got almost another month’s worth of shaving out of it. And the best part is, they only cost 50p from Tesco’s – or if you’re penny wise, only 49p from Asda!

But don’t take my word for it, gamble a few pence and try one of these beauties for yourself.

If you enjoyed this article, I go into more detail about how you can save money on grooming in my ebook, ‘The Men’s Guide to Frugal Grooming’ available for Amazon Kindle. You might also enjoy my new book on frugal living, '1001 Ways to Save Money'.


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