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Indian Sari, a tale retold in fabric

Updated on March 30, 2010

Indian Sari

Indian Sari, a never ending saga......

Outstanding, feminine, gorgeous and beautiful, Indian sarees are all these. The nine-yard cloth has perhaps gestated from the loom of the fanciful weaver who so very eloquently dreamt of the soft touch of a woman, he perhaps have felt the colors of her diverse moods, the eternal shimmer of her tears and then wove all these to offer the world a spectacular fashion, Indian sarees.  

Since the remote past of the ancient rimes, sarees in India has retained its innocence whilst pronouncing its novelty, uniqueness and variety in the most eloquent way. Covering the body from head to toe, the sari can make you look coy; now shift the pallu and wear your designer sari with a stylish blouse it is sure to give complex to your western attire!  

The origin of Indian sari is still obscure. While some scholar says that the origin can be traced in the antiquities of the Roman attire, yet one thing is for sure that the emblem of femininity, boasts the oldest existence in the sartorial world, laced with a 5000 years antique history.  

Be it amidst the designs or patterns or in the midst of the draping style, Indian Sari whispers the tradition, lore, heritage and culture of India in its every drape, amidst its each fall. For an unstitched length of material, the wearing of a sari entails a lot of preparation. The sari eloquently traces the shape of the body, yet hides even the hundred imperfections. The perennial charm of the Sari is therefore undeniable which not only makes the sari beautiful but also a fabric of compassion.  

Influenced by the natural environment, history, culture and regional tradition of India the draping style of Indian sarees have journeyed a long way. There are a number of draping styles of sari, if categorized in accord to the region, tribal and ethnic communities. While the North Indians women prefer to wear it with skirt pleats in the front, the Bihari , Bengali and Orissan versions draping style are however particularly different and reveals the elegance of the Dravidian style. The western Indian females tend to wear the sari gracefully while tucking it in between the legs to seem a loose pant like apparel. The southern Indian style of wearing sari with front pleats and the pallu falling over the left shoulder echoes the beat of the southern Indian tradition.

Simplicity, practicality, comfort and the sense of luxury all these attribute to the success of the sari. Indian sari kissed with its sheer femininity never fails to flatter a woman! It makes her feel fragile, feminine. An instant hit created by the hands of the weaver Indian sari has broken the barriers of pits and boundaries while creating a niche in the sartorial world.


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    • catalystsnstars profile image


      8 years ago from Land of Nod

      I love the way you write, and although I myself don't have a sari, I can see why any woman would love the feeling evoked from wearing one. Thank you for this beautifully written piece.

    • deepanjana profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks.. Yes sari is one of the most. Nice meeting you too

    • BkCreative profile image


      8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      The saris are so beautiful! Fortunately, I live in New York City where there are large Indian communities and shops filled with saris. We get to see beautiful women in beautiful saris. Best of all we go to the shops (and have) and bought great fabrics.

      Lovely hub and great photo at the top.

      Nice to meet you by the way!


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