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Infected Belly Button Piercing

Updated on February 27, 2012

In most cases, having your belly button pierced should pose no problems, however, if, afterwards, you notice that you have an infected belly button piercing, there are several steps to take that can help. Please note that the following is general advice and if you are in pain, or any doubt at all, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

The first sign of an infected belly button piercing is likely to be redness and soreness. This is difficult to detect though as there is likely to be some of this left over from the piercing procedure itself. A more obvious sign is when you notice pus seeping from the piercing, usually yellow or sometimes green; this pus is likely to have a foul smell. Whilst this may be pretty disgusting, it is also very important that you treat it urgently to prevent the infection from spreading.

Treating an Infected Belly Button Piercing

First of all, take a clean cloth and soak it with water. Heat this up in the microwave until it is hot (possibly around 30 seconds depending on your microwave). Fold this cloth and press against the infected belly button piercing until the cloth becomes cool. Repeat this process a few times. This procedure encourages blood to flow to the area and will also allow the pus to be drained away.

Once you have done this, rinse the infected area with a saline solution (1 teaspoon of salt to 8fl oz of water should be about the right mix). Use cotton wool to dab this gently onto the infected area. Make sure to dispose of the used cotton wool and disinfect the bowl with the saline solution afterwards.

Antibiotic creams can be bought over the counter at your chemists. These can be used for a short while which will help to reduce any infections around your belly button.

If you notice little improvement, or indeed, before, if you are concerned, you should immediately see your doctor. Do not try to remove your belly button piercing though as this may cause even more severe infection unless it is treated beforehand.

Belly Button Piercings can become infected and should be treated as a matter of importance.
Belly Button Piercings can become infected and should be treated as a matter of importance.

Do Not Ignore an Infected Piercing

You may read some advice to use alcohol to clean the infection. This will disinfect but will not help the healing process at all.

Whatever you do though, under no circumstances, ignore the infection. Although the above steps, or a prescription from the doctor, should clear up your belly button piercing infection quickly and easily; if ignored, the infection can spread and enter your bloodstream. This is much more serious and can even be fatal in some circumstances, hence the need to treat it speedily and effectively.


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