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Injinji Socks

Updated on December 12, 2011

You may think you have seen Injinji Socks, but chances are you are mistaking them for another type of sock.Toe socks. Remember those cute little socks you gave to your daughter, niece or grandchild. They were the ones with individual places for each toe. Toe socks were adorable and came in the cutest shapes. The feet looked so adorable all bundled up with the toes wiggling in their little compartments.

These socks are not them. These are Injinji Socks - toe socks with an adult sophistication, toe socks with a purpose. Injinji toe socks have nothing to do with cuteness. Injinji Socks are for consumers who want to take care of their feet. An Injinji toe sock is intended to walk this earth with a purpose.

If you are not sure if this type of sock is right for your particular needs, or you may be worried about what other people will think, consider why this particular type of sock is a must have today. No matter who you are, there is a reason to invest in these socks!

Injinji Socks

What Injinji Socks Are

An Injinji toe sock is a product of San Diego sock maker Injinji Footwear Inc. Randuz and Joaquin Romay founded the company. They have been producing Performance Socks since 1999. The word “Injinji” comes from an African drumming term. It refers to the point when all members in the drumming circle are in complete unison, performing as a single entity.

The name is an attempt to describe the ability of the socks to work with the natural rhythm and science of the body. What Injinji Socks are is a means of isolating the individual toes to create a unity with the rest of the body. Injinji socks are toe socks with the intent of allowing the body to perform naturally when encased in a shoe.

When you wear these socks, you are wearing a form fitting sock with more of a job than to just keep your feet warm and dry. These socks also work to create a unity with the rest of the body and as hard as it may seem to believe that, after you slip a pair of them on, you will realize just how authentic they are. 

What Injinji Toe Socks Do

When is a sock not simply a sock - when it is an Injinji toe sock? Injinji toe socks act similar to a glove. Each toe has a separate compartment. Each toe slides into its own position. Separated by a layer of material, toes do not rub together. This removes the chance of 2 common problems: a build-up of moisture and blisters from toe-on-toe friction.

Injinji Toe Socks, by being anatomically correct, help align your feet for a variety of tasks from walking to mountaineering. These toe socks allow you to grip better, retain better pasture and maintain balance.Another way to see the benefit of this particular brand is because of the proper sizing of the toes. Unlike generic toe socks, this brand actually fits to your toes better, keeping the fabric comfortable between your toes.

Consider the way you feet fit into a standard pair of crew socks right now. Wiggle your toes and you will feel not only the sock around them, but also the other toes. When you wear these toe socks, on the other hand, you feel the sock encasing each of your toes, which creates several benefits. Because the fabric material is surrounding each toe, it is able to absorb the moisture there. More so, your toes are not rubbing together, which is a common reason people feel discomfort or have cuts on their toes (from the other toe's nail!) 

Injinji sox
Injinji sox

How Injinji Toe Socks Work

The ability of Injinji to keep your toes healthy and strong lies in the design and its execution. The separation of toe-from-toe prevents friction. This reduces direct contact. Continuous contact creates blisters. Remove this possibility and your toes are safe.

The design of all Injinji toe socks is based on AIS (anatomical interface system) technology. The sock is sewn in a single piece, not pieced together. The materials for the sock are selected to conform to the foot. The CoolMax, Nylon/Lycra and other substances keep the feet naturally breathing, dry and comfortable.

So why should you buy them? According to the company, these socks allow your foto to perform naturally. It is like walking around barefoot while still keeping your feet warm. By comparison, a traditional tube sock force your toes to work as one rather than to work individually as they are designed to do. The skin is protected. The foot is protected. The foot can move properly and that means a reduction of unhealthy air and improved blood circulation in the foot and the lower leg.

A good way to compare this is to consider what you wear on your hands during the winter months. If you wear mittens, each of your fingers is sandwiched next to the others. They must work together and they can often get very hot in this way. Instead, many people wear gloves with fitted fingers. This allows the hand and the individual fingers to work properly as individuals. The same concept applies to these socks.

Who Uses injinji Socks?

Injinji socks are becoming increasingly popular among athletes of various types. They include average runners and former champions such as Nicole Hunt, 2006 Gold Medal United States Team member, Turkey. Athletes wear them for track and field, cross training, running and mountain bike riding. Injinji Incorporated also supports various charity and annual running events. In 2009, Injinji toe socks were the official race sock for the Western State Endurance Run – the Western States 100.

Types of Injinji Toe Socks

There are several different types of Injinji Socks on the market. Each caters to a specific level of performance or usage. An Injinji toe sock comes in micro, mini-crew and crew lengths. Most come in the following colors: white, black, pink, blue, navy, tan, sand, slate and forest. A few of the Performance Socks are also available in Rainbow colors and patterns.

Injinji Performance Socks

1. Performance Injinji Socks

Injinji Performance Socks are meant for runners, athletes and other performances. These toes socks are constructed of 70% CoolMax. This keeps the feet cool and dry when running, climbing or otherwise engaged in athletic pursuits.

There are several socks that fit under the performance sock selection offered by Injinji. This includes the Original Weight Toesock, the Lightweight Liner Toesock, the Midweight Toesock, the Coolmax Eco Made Toesock and th Ex-celerator Compression Toesock. Each one of these offers a unique design to accommodate the user's needs. Choose the thickness and style that works for your particular needs. You will find that all of these socks are top notch in quality. 

2. The Outdoor Series

The Outdoor Series of Injinji Socks is designed with the outdoors in mind. These socks are heavier than the Injinji Performance models. The intent of the designer is to keep the feet warm in winter and cool in summer. To do this, the major component used in the construction of Injinji Outdoor socks is Australian Merino Wool. The company's NuWool system, a part of this sock, helps to wick moisture away from the toes and the foot to better keep it dry even in cold weather. The socks still function ideally during the summer, too, when you want to ensure the foot remains dry. They are warmer than others, but still function as you need them to. In the Outdoor Series, there are several types including the Mini Crew Toesock for those who want a smaller, unnoticeable sock, the Crew Toesock, Quarter Toesock and the Over The Calf Toesock. The difference is in the length of the sock.

Injinji Split Toe Socks

3. Injinji Split Toe Socks

Split toe socks such as injinji Split Toe Socks have a singular purpose. They allow you to wear socks and sandals at the same time. The division separates the big toe from the rest of the crew.

You can wear these socks with sandals or shoes. The socks feature Melange Cotton which creates a thick, terry knit to the shock. When you are wearing the split toe sock, you will benefit from having more freedom of movement over a traditional stock, but you still get the extra padding and comfort you want from wearing a traditional sock. For those that may not be ready to switch to all toe socks, this is a nice medium step in the process. Use these socks in your shoes, around the house, or wear them after you sports activity when your feet need to relax and breath. This sock, the company states, is a good option for those who need to find a solution for their tied feet that are overworked and just sore.

These socks are sold as mid weight socks, as compared to other products offered by the company. They are ultra soft and have that extra cushioning that helps to create the soft environment for your foot. You can purchase them in sizes S, M, L, and XL. 

4. Injinji Yoga Socks Series

The eco friendly Yoga Series of Injinji toe socks comes with and without toes. They have a slip resistant sole, arch support and a contoured place to tuck in your heel. These colorful products are designed of natural material. Wear Injinji Yoga Socks during Yoga or around the house. While other Injinji toe socks tend to be solid patterns, the Injinji Yoga Series comes in intricate patterns.

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5. Injinji Liner Socks Series

These Injinji toe socks come in white and tar. Injinji Liner socks are a “first layer” to be worn beneath your regular socks.

6. Injinji Travel Socks

The travel series of Injinji socks rise over the calf of the leg. These tall socks are to help protect the leg muscles, therefore reducing muscle fatigue while preventing any swelling of the leg.  Injinji travel socks are the creme de la creme for travelling


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      Mike 6 years ago

      I wear them. Best socks I ever owned.

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      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Never seen these before. They look good though

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      bingskee 8 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      just curious if they are comfortable to wear...

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      Never heard of Injinji socks and thank you for pointing them out.

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      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Very interesting and makes good sense. Had not heard of Injinji socks prior to reading this hub.